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1 – Keeping In Contact with Leads & Customers

You are only as effective as your ability to remember all the things you need to do in a day. As someone who needs to interact with the customer, following up with them in a timely and consistent manner is extremely important. It is said that 82% of customers will stop using a service because they don’t think the company cares about them. On the flip side, 70% of customers with positive experiences will refer the company to family and friends. By utilizing a CRM you will be able to set communication / follow up reminders, send automated email responses and keep track of all the little details that are beyond the ability of pen and paper to manage. Having a CRM will improve your customer experience dramatically.

2 – Ability To Create Consist Experience With Customers

A CRM can help create a steady pipeline that brings new customers all the way from cold leads to being happy, paying customers. The consistency of that pipeline is directly proportional to the happiness of your customers. CRM’s help your office staff follow up on time with tasks / reminders. They also help your sales reps remember the details of previous conversations helping maintain consistency and a feeling of security with your future customers and no important details are forgotten about their projects as they move from the sales section of your pipeline to having their work started.

3 – More Knowledge About What Is Important To Your Customers

Having a CRM will improve your customer experience by enabling you to learn as much as you can about each of your customers. This is a key way CRM systems improve customer experiences. Using reports, you can learn what services your customer is interested in. For example, if you can see what sorts of jobs and services you are selling most you can create advertisements that link to specific examples of that type of content with links to tailored landing pages on your website, therefore improving their experience and creating revenue for your business!

4 – Giving Relevant Information To Your Customers

Good CRM systems enable you to filter your customers and send targeted content to particular contacts. This could be based on location, age, gender, interests, industry, previous services, etc. The possibilities are endless! Sending relevant communications keeps your customers happy and avoids them unsubscribing to your emails. For example let’s say you had a previous customers who had a tiled shower installed and you wanted to be able to send an email to all those customers after 1 year offering Tile and Grout Servicing to keep their new shower in good working order. With a CRM you could easily gather this information and contact those customers. The easiest customer to make a sale to is the one you already have!

5 – Getting The Customer The Experience They Are After

One great thing that CRM’s help you understand is when a customer is not the right customer for your company. Because many customers are looking for services / products from many different companies, your utilization of a CRM will help you know which customers are right for your company. Sometimes it’s necessary or even wise to part ways with a project if the customer is looking for a different quality or price target than you offer. The loss of a lead is not worth a project going south or unhappy customer reviews. By utilizing CRM will have the information available to you ahead of time to know whether or not a customer will work well with your company and whether or not they will be satisfied. The customer may be moving on to another place but their experience with your company will be a good one instead of one where you tried to sell them something they did not need. A good reputation is worth far more than one sale.