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Better Communication Will Help You Close More Sales – Learning how to communicate more effectively with people will lead you to more prospects, more productive discussions, and more sales.

What is the basic premise of sales? Sales is two or more individuals communicating with each other trying to discuss what the issues are. Then discussing potential solutions to those issues from the seller’s side.

Knowledge is power, so why not get to know your prospects as much as possible? That way you know how to effectively listen, and solve the issues that your prospects are presenting you with. It’s how you will win and close the deal.


Listening is not the same as hearing

Communicating with a customer is a lot like communicating with a significant other. If you don’t listen as much as you speak, you will never reach a mutually satisfactory conclusion. It’s tempting to want to dominate the conversation. After all, you have an objective and all of the information you think the customer needs to make a decision. You’ll find that listening to your customer’s needs (whether or not they are what you expected) can make or break your sales technique.

People want to be heard. It’s gratifying; a confirmation that your ideas, thoughts and experiences matter, and that we are worth someone else’s time.


Understanding Your Clients

Try to understand your prospect’s goals and challenges; they are not looking to be sold. When you understand their challenges, you can better understand what they are looking to accomplish. Once a prospect feels their challenges have been resolved, they can move onto achieving their goals. As a result, this can not only help increase your sales, but it also makes them feel like you value them and their business.


Generally, the average salesperson talks 81% of the time in a sales meeting. Don’t be that guy. Thereby you should follow the 70/30 rule; let the customer do 70% of the talking.


Building Trust 

Many people approach the sales process lacking confidence. This is unfamiliar “turf” for them. That’s why your confidence is so important. Through your interactions together, you can begin to ease their anxieties and help them gain confidence.

For example, one of the biggest tools for closing a deal with a potential customer is making the customer comfortable enough to want to purchase. The goal here is to convince them that you can be trusted.

The Power of Using Names

“Names are the sweetest and most important sound in any language,” is one of the most widely quoted maxims from Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People. Research regarding the psychology of using someone’s name has even confirmed Carnegie’s advice. Our brains become ecstatic when we hear our name called, drawing our attention immediately to the sound.

However, what does this have to do with sales? Names humanize the interaction between a business and their prospects. A transaction becomes an exchange between two people, fostering an individualized experience.

Using your prospect’s name consistently makes your words seem more personal. You are interepereted as being caring and empathetic. In conclusion, better communication will help you close more sales and build strong bonds with your customers that are not easily broken.