We’ve been hard at work! Take a look at what we’ve been up to:


  • Growing across time zones? We’ve added a time zone option in the “schedule” settings that will determine notification times respective of your selected time zone.
  • No longer will deleting an estimate require deleting a project lead! We have added a ‘delete estimate’ button. This will also delete associated invoices under certain, expected conditions.


  • Material Breakdown PDF will display as expected when company website information is missing.
  • Description text boxes for line items will stay open.
  • The “Preview as customer” button on estimate templates will view the portal as expected.
  • Filtering by project types on the estimate page will display as expected.
  • Marking a task complete from the project timeline will now function as expected.
  • Toggling tax on/off for cost line defaults will display that change on the estimate.
  • Changing markup type between dollar amounts and percentages will display correctly on Firefox web browser.