Building a High Performing Sales Team

By focusing your energy on building a company that sells itself, it is much easier to train your sales team to close at a very high rate. As a part of a sales system, you will need to provide your team with the tools necessary for them to perform at a high level. Too many owners hire salespeople without giving them any sort of tools, training, or system and they wonder why they aren’t getting good results. We tend to hire people with experience, who might have worked for their competitors, or have been in the industry before. Who is to say that they were ever properly trained in the first place? It is harder to break old habits than it is to create new ones. 

You have just created a situation that is even more difficult to get past. Rogue salespeople will do whatever they want, telling your clients whatever they feel will help them get the deal, not what is important to you and your brand image. You can’t just rely on people with good personalities to sell your company’s services at a high level. You need to be able to provide a great brand, materials, training, and coaching in order to build a high-performing sales team. 

Create unique ads with a direct and honest description of the sales job, use your personal and employee network first, then start placing your ads on media outlets that cater to your target demographic. Make sure to hire people whose strengths cater to the duties of your company’s sales requirements. When it comes to sales, it is a good idea to hire people with the right attitude and personality over experience. 

Once you have hired your first salespeople, it is important that you provide them with the right training to do their job. A good sales system includes ongoing training and measures of accountability. Many of the “sales tools” used today involve technology. We are in the age of technology and it is not going anywhere. If you are trying to provide in-home sales without using technology, you are way behind the eight ball. It used to be clipboards and pitch books; now it’s laptops, tablets, automated emails, and videos that are selling the projects for you. Believe it or not, the construction industry as a whole is still living in the past. The more tools that you can provide your sales team with, the more you will differentiate your company; the more you separate yourself from the old school contractors you are competing against. Your use of technology will also create excitement to work for your company, the more success they will have, which ultimately leads to more success for you. 

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