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Casey’s Professional Cleaning Services provides quality and reliable cleaning services to residential and small commercial customers in the Pacific Northwest. We are on the smaller side with several employees with much of our business based on recurring schedule jobs, cleaning the same property every 1, 2 or 4 weeks.

It sounds simple on paper but we continually struggled with changes in schedules, either from customer requested reschedules or working around our cleaning crew availability. Being that our cleaners don’t work out of an office, efficiently coordinating and communicating these changes was difficult. As a result of miscommunication cleaners have shown up at the wrong time, and on occasion missed an appointment.

Some of these struggles kept our customers from consistently raving about our business and the inefficiencies limited our growth. After a few years operating at this pace, we found Projul and all this changed. It was ridiculously easy to schedule our entire team and when a customer called to reschedule I could simply drag the task to another cleaner, they receive a notification of their phone with all the details.

Casey Langford, Owner

What did Projul do for Casey?

 We know talk is cheap, so here’s the details.

Casey’s achieved a 5-star rating in 5 months, improving 40%

Projul kept Caseys’ on-track, meeting their customer commitments and exceeding their expectations

Projul enabled Casey to easily manage ~3-times more jobs

Without Projul, managing 19 jobs a month was tricky, now they manage 55 a month with ease

More booked jobs landed $6.5K more monthly revenue

With 5-star reviews work came rolling in, managing all those jobs efficiently led to a big spike in revenue

Customer Focus: Magic in recurring tasks.

The turnaround that Projul brought Casey’s was rooted in efficient task management, specifically recurring task management. Often typical with service work, Casey’s jobs repeat at various iterations. Easily getting these jobs scheduled helps to guarantee future work, but being able to easily manage changes to individual dates and tasks is where things really pay off.

Projul makes it simple to easily schedule recurring tasks with a variation of completion items within these tasks. For Casey, this means that every visit you might clean floors, whereas windows are cleaned every 3rd visit. These tasks are assigned directly to her cleaners and they can check them off their to-do list in real-time.

The accountability of workers checking-off specific tasks helps to guarantee customers will be satisfied with the completed work, leading to repeat work and better reviews.

Remember, we know you’re busy multitasking, dealing with never-ending interruptions and customer calls. Projul has your back, keeping you focused and able to pick up where you left off.

About Casey’s Professional Cleaning Services

Casey’s is a boutique home/office cleaning service located in Washington State.

They focus on providing a level of service that results in 5-star reviews from their customers.

What does Casey have to say?

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  • Projul has me Cleaning Up

“Scheduling my team of cleaners using Projul has been a dream. Many of our jobs are recurring so getting them into Projul was really easy and when we need to reschedule a job I can drag it to another day or assign it to another cleaner in seconds.”

Casey L.
Owner, Casey’s Professional Cleaning Services

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In just 5 months Projul seriously improved Casey’s reputation, enabling them to add additional customers with ease. The revenue from the additional jobs with decreased overhead to manage them made for a really good quarter.

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