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Sound Tile & Grout is a niche construction company providing tile cleaning, re-grouting, and installation services. What began as a single man operation quickly became a 6-person company with one office worker, a project manager/estimator, and 4 full-time workers in the field. While Sound Tile & Grout was certainly not considered a ‘large’ company by any stretch of the imagination, we were suddenly caught between being both too small and too large a company to bring on additional overhead to assist in the office.

We decided that we couldn’t justify bringing on additional overhead until we expanded our crew in the field by 1 or 2 more full-time workers. This meant that we needed to become more efficient in everything we were doing as we desperately needed to save more time. Projul’s task management features single-handedly helped us achieve that.

Utilizing Projul, we were able to create detailed timelines for projects, tasks involved and individual steps for said tasks to more accurately communicate and outline their completion. Prior to our workers in the field having a step by step guide of their day to day expectations, our project manager/estimator was spending an easy 8 hours a day project managing, while still spending 4 hours a day estimating. After introducing and utilizing Projul’s task management in its full capacity, time spent project managing on a daily basis (including on-site visits, clarification over the phone, answering questions, comments, concerns, etc.) was easily halved, allowing our project manager/estimator to spend more time estimating, allowing us to close more jobs, hire another 2 field workers and eventually bring on another office person to help continue our growth.

I don’t know how we could have done this had we not discovered Projul.

Brock C. General Manager

Look what happens when you add Projul

In just 4 months Projul turned STG around, let’s look at the details.

Before Projul, STG’s office manager could manage only 8 concurrent projects. Now she’s managing 22. That’s 150% more

Using Projul’s their PM can easily manage 50+ projects on her own.

Using Projul to manage project tasks in greater detail reduced project errors, rework and time spent lining on-site tasks

These reductions resulted in increased job margins totaling more than $136K over a 3 month period.

Using Projul, STG is able to take on and manage a greater number of projects month after month

In just a year, these additional projects represent more than $1M in additional sales and require no new office staff.

Customer Focus: Task Management provides detail, accountability and profits.

Project and job profitability are tied to solid estimate and execution of a well-put-together project plan. As most every project changes in execution or scope, if you’re not managing tasks at the appropriate level of detail it’s almost impossible to capture the changes and the impacts of those changes.

Projul simplifies task management by making it ridiculously simple to create and manage more detailed tasks per project. Additionally, your field staff can easily document issues they run into and mark tasks complete, giving everyone on the team visibility to their progress.

At Projul we know that a projects’ success is buried in the details; what resources are allocated to a given project, what their tasks are and how long they should take. Projul manages it all and gives you the takeaways that can be applied to your next project to improve your businesses profitability.

We know you’re busy multitasking, dealing with never-ending interruptions, on-site contractors, and customer calls. Projul has your back, keeping you focused and able to pick up where you left off.

About Sound Tile & Grout

STG is based in Maple Valley WA where they are focused on installation and restoration of tile.

With over 17 years of experience, they specialize in restoring tile and grout to like-new conditions.

Fig 4.1. Projul reduces time managing projects by nearly 80% from 23 hours per project, to 5 hours per project.

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Finally an intuitive project scheduling tool that your team will quickly adopt and thank you for every day.

What does STG have to say?

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  • Reports give me the insights I need to grow business

“Projul’s reports have helped us be more efficient with our leads and close more jobs. We’ve been able to identify our most profitable zip codes and project types, giving us a better idea of where to increase our advertising budget.

Projul has also been the only software we’ve used that the entire team hasn’t complained about.”

Brock C.
General Manager, STG

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After 17 years in business Projul transformed Sound Tile & Grout. Leveraging their existing resources STG managed many more concurrent projects and making more revenue from those projects.

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