Company Meetings – are your company meetings quick, direct and productive? Unfortunately, one of the biggest time-wasters can be company meetings. Read a few tips below to make your company meetings productive and worth everyone’s time.

  1. Evaluate Your Meeting
  2. Set a Time Limit
  3. Have an Agenda
  4. Set Up the Atmosphere

1 – Evaluate Your Meetings

Ask yourself these questions about your meetings:

  1. Do your meetings start and finish on time?
  2. Is the meeting you are scheduling the best use of everyone’s time?
  3. Do you accomplish the set agenda?
  4. Do you allow your meetings to be scaled or evaluated with comments or suggestions? And take them seriously?

All of these questions are important factors to consider for your company meetings. You want them to be the best use of everyone’s time, to be on time and hitting all your topics. Also, it is valuable to welcome feedback on your meetings to evaluate from your team if they were worthwhile and constructive.

2 – Set a Time Limit

Especially for all-employee meetings, there could be multiple departments involved, all having different levels of work needing to get done. Setting a time limit will also help you stay on track and eliminate too many rabbit trails since rabbit trails can sometimes be inevitable.

3 – Have an Agenda

If you have scheduled the meeting, you are responsible for making the agenda and to stay on topic. If other questions come up from your staff, it might mean that you should schedule a side-bar meeting if it does not apply to the whole group.

4 – Set Up the Atmosphere

If you want to stay keep your meeting on target, you can eliminate chairs in the room. This has proven to cut meeting times by 50%. It keeps everything on task and prompt. Most importantly, consider that company meetings don’t have to be a waste of time or a form of employee abuse!