Having a Productive Staff – Here are few reminders and strategies that can go a long way in creating a work environment that gets your staff motivated to go beyond the bare minimum!

1 – You’re in charge of getting the best out of your employees.

As the boss, you’re in charge of getting the best from your employees. Though your staff might not intentionally operate this way, most employees are motivated about what they need to do to get their paycheck and keep you happy. Of course, there are the rare few who have a “do what needs to be done and do it excellently” attitude. However, this is not the popular mindset. Make sure to remember, your employee’s attitudes are often a reflection of the company‚Äôs owner. As an owner or a leader in your company, those under you will only be willing to work as hard as you do.

2 – Keep a fresh attitude and perspective.

Something you should consider if you are the one who sets the tone, try to provide supportive daily leadership. Be present and acknowledge them when you see them. Most importantly, remember to not get set in ways. If you are willing to look at new ideas and approaches to the work, you will get more out of your team. Additionally, as a result, this strategy will also help eliminate any boredom and lack of productivity.

3 – Empower your people.

Remember, do this on a team level but also on an individual level. People like to be valued as individuals. This could be in the form of recognizing someone corporately for their hard work. In addition, this could look like giving more responsibility to different employees that are doing outstanding work. This will ultimately result in motivation for your employees to do excellent work. Another benefit you will see as a result is creativity. Creativity is always a sign that people see value in what they are doing.

4 – Have a unified goal.

Each company could have a range of different staff/departments. There could be office staff, an accounting person, field staff, project managers, subcontractors, etc. in your company. Everyone has a different role to play. However, everyone can have the same unified goal. Having a productive staff should mean that everyone has all their efforts aimed at bringing money in the door. What this looks like is collaboration and a respect between different roles and departments. Remember, it will always start with you!