Increasing Your Expertise in Your Field 

How do you become knowledgeable enough in this business for others to seek your counsel? Assuming that you have a desire to be of help to others in this business, there is a formula promoted by Zig Zigler, Brian Tracy, and others in the self-improvement industry that is generally accepted. Read about business for at least one hour every day. If you do that, you could become recognized for your knowledge locally within one year. Nationally within three years, and internationally within five years.

That represents over 1,825 hours of reading over that five-year period. If you want to attain your goal more quickly, you can increase the time it takes to reach your goal in half. However, do not spend your time learning just to impress others with how much you know. Be a student of the business, and learn how to apply what you have studied to make your business grow and prosper. You can impress others more by example than you ever could with words.

What Else Can You Do?

If you want to expand your general knowledge, here are some basics that you can easily accomplish during the next year:

  • Read at least six books on business management, and at least the same number of books for personal growth and enjoyment. 

  • Attend at least three one-day seminars on some form of business management, sales, or another business-related topic.

  • If you did not graduate from high school, you could start taking some night school courses to get your high school diploma or G.E.D. 

  • If you did graduate from high school but did not go any further in your formal education, think about taking some college courses or maybe even get a degree. You can enroll in a program at your local community college and go from there. Many colleges and universities offer certificate programs in various areas of construction.

Do your homework and don’t take shortcuts. Always remember, good business practices almost always equal good business results.

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