Losing Touch With the Business

A common area affecting business success is a loss of focus. This usually happens when business owners begin to lose sight of their company goals. They no longer work as intently or spend the energy to do the things that will keep their business headed in the right direction. Eventually, they might end up losing contact with their own business. Contracting is a hands-on kind of business, it is important to stay involved. You start losing touch with the business when you stop taking the time to talk with employees, visiting the job site to inspect the jobs, or interacting with the homeowners.

What is the result of this lack of interest in the daily routine of the job? The labor needed to complete tasks on the various jobs tends to increase. Without the owner’s involvement, the individuals working on the jobs can lose their sense of urgency, and no longer strive to get jobs done within the allotted time and budget. The quality of work goes down, creating more client’s complaints and callbacks, adding labor and material expenses.

Loss of Focus

Often the distraction of mobile phones and electronic devices increases to the point that production can actually decline. The contractor may also find that materials, and even tools or equipment, mysteriously disappear from the job sites, resulting in higher job costs.

Eventually, the absentee contractor has to deal with the biggest headache of all – an irate homeowner. Usually, the problems that the contractor must step in and deal with could have been prevented. Had he kept up with the job and made sure the lines of communication were open and the homeowner was pleased with the work as it progressed.

Business in business and playtime is personal. It is usually best to not mix the two. Keep your personal life and your toys out of the business. If you get sidetracked into thinking that you can play with your assets instead of working with them, you won’t have them for long.

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