Online Reviews


Eighty-five percent of people check the internet before they make a purchase. It is a great idea to get as many reviews online as possible, hopefully, good ones. There are a number of platforms or websites out there that do different reviews for products and services. There is the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List, Yelp, Google, Bing, and many others. We are in the age of technology, consumers are more educated than they ever have been, and with that education, comes power. It is very powerful when you have a customer write a positive comment online about your company.

The importance of getting your customer to review your company online cannot be over-emphasized. The more reviews you get, the more exposure you get, the more potential customers will read them, the better off your company is going to be, and the faster it is going to grow. There are many different strategies to help you get more reviews for your company. You want to come up with a good strategy that works with your brand and your company to get those reviews. 

Just like asking for the sale, it starts with simply asking your customer to write a review. Many of us just forget to ask or it is not a priority for our salespeople to ask. You can also have some sort of a promotional program where if a customer leaves you an honest review, they can earn a gift card or another incentive. You can create an ongoing referral program where if a customer gives you a referral, you give them points that can be redeemed. 

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