We’ve been hard at work! Take a look at what we’ve been up to:

New Additions:

  • Added a copy button for emails next to where they display in Projul.
  • Added team/group scheduling for tasks. They will show up in the task editor when you click on the user field to schedule.


  • Job costing page will show a warning if a user is missing a pay rate when they have time tracked to a labor work item.
  • Template permissions settings for users has been broken out to be more specific.
  • Description names of material items will be displayed in the material breakdown pdf.
  • Project templates will retain Gantt dependencies for tasks.
  • Added an option to include section names and subsection names to labor items in an estimate when exporting the labors as tasks.


  • When expanding on a project timeline, the view will correctly keep its position in the timeline. 
  • Can toggle days off in the mobile calendar view.
  • Invoicing line items from an itemized estimate where there’s a line item with tax and another without tax will display correctly.
  • Can correctly edit task names and project names on time logs that are in the past.
  • Search function for task icons will show correct results on mobile.
  • Removed line items will correctly display in the invoice and they can be invoiced as negative amounts. 
  • SKU names that are long will wrap the text in the material breakdown pdf.
  • Opening an editor on the Welcome Page in Safari will display correctly.
  • Syncing estimates to Quickbooks Online from the invoice editor will sync correctly.