We’ve been hard at work! Take a look at what we’ve been up to:

New Additions:

  • The “Search” feature now includes a column specific to Project Leads.
  • Name your photos! We’ve implemented  the ability to name your photos in addition to our current tagging functionality. Users are also able to filter by their photo names.
  • Expert status in Projul? We’ve added the ability to turn off the hover-over tool tips from the menu.
  • In addition to assigning a default estimator to a specific customer, you can now assign a default project manager.


  • The name of the month will always display when scrolling on the project timeline.
  • Percentages for hard costs will display on estimates.


  • iPad will display the “Who’s Working” page correctly when viewed in portrait mode.
  • Exporting labor to tasks will display users names on the schedule correctly on tablet devices.
  • When previewing an estimate as a customer, the confirmation pop up will be centered and display correctly.
  • Creating an estimate from the drop down editor of a new lead will correctly show the content of the estimate.
  • Filter categories will wrap text correctly when the filter is showing results.
  • Meeting events will display on the project timeline view.