We’ve been hard at work! Take a look at what we’ve been up to:

New Additions:

  • Photos and files now have “note” sections! Quickly taking a picture on-site and then recording a note for later reference has never been easier!
  • Change order specific “stamps” are now live! Quickly look through your list of active projects from the Lead Pipeline or Estimates & Invoices areas of Projul and visually understand in seconds what the status of your customer-specific change orders are.
  • Have more control over the behavior of emailing your estimates, invoices and change orders to your customers. Specify whether you would like Projul to open your email with a template ready to send to your customer, open your email with a blank email ready for you to customize a message to your customer, or don’t open your email at all.
  • We’ve added more user-requested payment types for accurately recording payments.
  • Have you branded your account yet? We’ve simplified this process by adding a quick edit link to the default Projul Hammer on the top left of your screen (top of the menu).
  • After you’ve created an invoice, quickly add another invoice from the bottom of the original invoice. Scheduling a draw or progress payment schedule has never been easier!


  • Quickly remove all users associated with a task, defaulting the task to an unassigned state.
  • Applied some visual tweaks to the menu to prepare for additional features and sections within Projul.


  • Employee’s hourly rate will display correctly on the Time Log Report.
  • Users without an email will prompt for you to add an email prior to sending an invite to Projul.
  • The filter on the photos & files page will properly be removed when going to the download page.
  • Deleting photos, files, and downloads from inside of the editor will correctly delete them.
  • When deleting a parent task, the child task will no longer display the parent task.
  • Backdating payments on invoices will display correctly when filtered for on Cash Receipts Journal.