We’ve been hard at work! Take a look at what we’ve been up to:

New Additions:

  • We have added the ability to set a default tax rate on estimates. You can add this by going to your estimate settings, navigating to “default tax rate” and specifying that percentage.
  • Significant authentication upgrade! With this upgrade comes the option for users to either use a code accessible from their email to login or to stay with a standard password.
  • We have added an indicator on your user initials that, when displayed, lets you know there are no release notes available for your review.


  • We have added an optional ‘category’ tag to labor items. This allows labor items to be displayed as category names, if preferred.
  • The Lead Pipeline and Projects pages now support a “project number” sort option.
  • An option setting has been created for users to disable payment syncing from Quickbooks Online.
  • We have added character counts for text fields that sync to Quickbooks that are subject to Quickbooks-specific character count limitations.
  • When a single worker is assigned to a task, their entire name is displayed on the task card.
  • Photos and files can now be saved as part of an estimate template.


  • The email that is generating when sending an estimate to a customer will no longer have trailing spaces in the subject line.
  • Completed task steps will show correct percentages in Gantt View.
  • Users with no access to estimates will no longer see estimates for leads they created.
  • Users who have time tracking hidden will no longer see time log buttons on projects and leads.
  • Deleting change orders will correctly disable a customer’s link to see that change order.
  • Sales Representatives will now get notifications from sold leads in addition to estimators.
  • Improvement in syncing custom fields to Quickbooks Online.