We’ve been hard at work! Take a look at what we’ve been up to:

New Additions:

  • Projul now supports emailing estimates, change orders and invoices from within the app! Complete with a history of what was sent and when, we’re bringing major transparency to document communications within Projul.
  • Looking for a more personal way to deliver an estimate to a customer? Projul now supports embedded Youtube and Vimeo videos with the ‘introduction’ area of an estimate!
  • We have broken out comment permissions to be configurable on a user-level. You can configure users to not be able to see comments at all (hide), have the ability to only view the comments, or have the ability to view and add comments.
  • Project tags! Every project now has the ability to have one or multiple project tages. Project tags are filterable and are most commonly used as project statuses. This is an incredibly powerful tool for any sized company that can take project organization to the next level.


  • Added ability to filter by trades and group names on the time log page.
  • Added ability to give estimates custom names that will display in print preview as well as within the customer portal.
  • Added the ability for descriptions on the cost breakdown pdf to be toggled on/off.
  • Added the ability to mark events as ‘tentative’ within the editor.


  • While already being filtered by a lead, filtering by an additional lead will now function as expected.
  • When deleting a change order, the ‘parent’ estimate total will now display the total as expected.
  • The ‘Unpaid Due Invoices’ report will no longer display deleted project invoices.