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Time-Saving Lead & Customer Management

Manage your company’s relationships and interactions with customers / potential customers so your entire team can be in the know.

Projul customer management saves time
at every step

Here is how we’ll give back large chunks of your day…

Work Less and Close More Leads

Capturing leads quickly while working from an organized queue saves time and helps turn more of your leads into customers.

Keep Everyone Synchronized

Seamlessly pass along customer information to your team, so the transition to estimation is painless.

Focus on Following Up

Projul ensures you touch each lead the perfect number of times over an optimized time-frame to convert TONS of leads!

Organized and Error-Free

Everyone has instant access to all critical information; names, locations, gate and alarm codes on your mobile device.

Tools to Build a Better Business

Reports that give you the insights you need to grow your business. You’ll know which part of your lead pipeline needs attention.

Track Only What Really Works

Maintaining countless spreadsheets to track leads is painfully inefficient. Projul helps you optimize advertising areas and costs.

Work less. Close more.

Here is how we’ll give back large chunks of your day…

Connect more and convert more leads.

Follow up with the right leads, with the right information, at the right time.

Projul tells you the last time you communicated with a lead and how — and organizes the most relevant leads at the top of your list. This makes it incredibly easy to prioritize your outreach to the hottest leads, and follow-up when you’re already top of mind.

Catch your leads before they lose interest or hear from a competitor, and their details are captured for your team to use when coordinating the estimate and scheduling the project.

We know you’re busy multitasking with a never-ending slew of interruptions from your team, on-site contractors, and customers calls. Projul keeps you focused and tasked, allowing you to pick up right where you left off, even in the eye of the storm.

Book more estimates faster.

Booking leads isn’t magic, but when using Projul it really feels like it. After leveraging Projul’s features in connecting with your leads, you’ll see them convert to estimates at a rate you’ve never experienced before.

Projul puts valuable at-a-glance information right in front of you. For example, you’ll never wonder what percentage of your leads are converting to estimates as it’s right in the Sales Pipeline for you to see.

We know all the distractions you face and how important it is answer that next call from a potential customer. So answer those calls, Projul will be right here remembering right where you left off and steering you towards your next task in making your business run like it should.

Make your pipeline work for you.

Knowing what to do next and making critical decisions for your business is easy if you have all the information you need.

Projul is constantly looking at the “right now”, the “what’s next” and “what’s hiding around the corner” giving you a continual pulse of your companies health. Decisions are only tough when you don’t have the information you need. Projul puts that all in front of you.

Every part of the customer process is important; identifying leads, managing and turning those leads into estimates, booking those estimates, and booking the job. This is why Projul manages and tracks all these stages, putting all that information right in front of you. Without even running a report you can see what stage could use a little more attention.

Managing all these stages and not just firefighting the latest problem will really improve the efficiency (and profitability) of your company.

Projul’s customer management is uber-powerful,
but let’s not forget about the other goodies…

We know it’s often tough to see beyond your current problem, we’ve been there. Thankfully Projul has already attacked your next big problem, then the one after that. Explore other killer features that make managing your construction management problems a breeze.

Task Management

Finally an intuitive project scheduling tool that your team will quickly adopt, and thank you for every day.


  • Painless Project Scheduling

  • Employee Calendar

  • Schedule & Manage Tasks

Reporting & Metrics

Simple reports that give you the information and insights to improve, grow, and increase your revenue.


  • Zip Code Performance

  • Estimate & Sales Performance

  • Project Performance

Our closing rates went from Zero to Hero!

“Having a CRM system within Projul increased our sales efficiency and closing rates from 27 to 62 estimates in the first month. Being able to have all recorded conversations with our customers in one place keeps all members of our team on the same page.”

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