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Time-Saving Task & Project Management

Quickly and efficiently manage your team’s time, tasks and schedules. With Projul you’ll achieve a level of organization and efficiency that you only imagined.

Projul’s project management saves time at every step

Here is how task management using Projul will make magic for your business…

Double Bookings Are History

Projul’s data accuracy prevents double bookings, saving loads of time. No need to double check, it’s handled.

Make Post-it Notes Obsolete

Lose the sticky notes! By assigning tasks you can keep track of the things that need doing from anywhere.

Know Who’s Where, Doing What

Use filters to see who’s working and where they’re working. Keeping track of your team has never been easier.

Stop Calling to Check Task Status

Easily view project / task progress without having to make multiple phone calls. Just check the task to see progress.

Sort Schedules by People or Roles

While scheduling, sort to find the trade / worker you need. Looking for an estimator that has plumbing skills? No problem.

Keeps You Many Steps Ahead

Scheduling with Projul allows you to easily see what’s happened, what’s coming , and what you need to be thinking about next.

Work smarter. Accomplish more.

Here is how we’ll make magic for your business…

Assigning tasks to others ensures ownership.

It only makes sense to assign a task to who’s going to complete the task.

Projul makes it easy to assign tasks to specific resources, then for those resources to work from their list of tasks, checking them off as they go. Just like that the entire team is in sync with the status of each individual task.

Having access to this finite project information helps in determining overall project progress and provides accountability for work that’s been completed (and not completed).

We know you’re busy multitasking with a never-ending slew of interruptions from your team, on-site contractors, and customer calls. Projul keeps you focused and tasked, allowing you to pick up right where you left off, even in the eye of the storm.

Multiple ways to schedule inside or outside projects.

In most applications scheduling is done through a specific schedule page. Using Projul you can schedule tasks, site visits, project walkthroughs and all the various tasks that need doing from whichever section you’re already working in.

Projul lets you assign and schedule tasks to your workers, employees or subcontractors at any point throughout your busy day. We get how hectic every day in the construction industry is, that’s why we designed Projul with the ability to schedule a task right when you think of it, or while you’re in the middle of your next task.

Our goal was to have scheduling take no more time than jotting down some chicken scratches on a sticky note. But with Projul your information is categorized, can’t be lost and everyone who needs to know about it is immediately informed on their Projul app.

Save time and money by assigning step by step tasks.

Ask any project manager and they’ll say their biggest challenge is making sure the workers in the field understand what to do and keeping track of whether or not it’s been finished. A daily routine of making 4-5 phone calls to every field employee, just so that everyone knows the exact scope of work in detail, and so nothing slips through the cracks is a painful waste of time!

By implementing Projul’s “step” system within tasks, the workers in the field know what needs to be done at each job site with a greater level of detail. Task steps can be checked off as completed and the progress percentage of the task is updated in real time.

This drastically reduces the number of phone calls and follow-ups needed for clarification on specific details.

Projul’s task and project management is uber-powerful,
but let’s not forget about the other goodies…

We know it’s often tough to see beyond your current problem, we’ve been there. Thankfully Projul has already attacked your next big problem, then the one after that. Explore other killer features that make managing your construction management problems a breeze.

Lead Management

Close more projects with easy-to-use lead management tools that optimize your customer engagement.


  • Lightning Fast Searching

  • 4X Increased Conversions

  • Touch More Leads

Reporting Metrics

Simple reports that give you the information and insights to improve, grow, and increase your revenue.


  • Zip Code Performance

  • Estimate & Sales Performance

  • Project Performance

Our closing rates went from Zero to Hero!

“Having a CRM system within Projul increased our sales efficiency and closing rates from 27 to 62 estimates in the first month. Being able to have all recorded conversations with our customers in one place keeps all members of our team on the same page.”

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