There are so many quick tips on Implementing new technology. New technologies can be great for your company. It can increase productivity, increase sales, and make your company better all around.

Unfortunately there is also much baggage associated with the adoption of new technology. Many of us have experience complications when upgrading to new computers, software or even just a ‘simple’ update. This often translates to resistance from some of your employees, even though these new technologies make the entire process easier:

1 – Ensure this is the right decision for your company

It’s extremely important to make decisions for the benefit of the company and not just for yourself. If you’re positive the new technology will make your company better, it’s most likely safe to move forward with this new technology.

2 – Make sure everyone knows the new technology is coming

Once you’re serious about using the new technology in your company, give your employees a heads up. If you tell them about it once they’re forced to use it, there may be even more push back, it’s best to notify employees as soon as possible. Tell them how this will help with their jobs, and the company too. If the new technology is something that will help them and the company, you’ll generally get less push back.

3 – Recruit a few of your employees to be trained first

Another quick tip on implementing new technology – In order to assist with push back on new technology, enlist a few people that can be trained first and serve as your own support. There will be at least a few people that are for this company change and they’ll be very helpful in implementing this new technology as smooth as possible. Ensure they understand clearly the benefits of the new technology so they can easily explain them to the people who push back or are unsure..

At Projul we have just the person for the job. Chad is our go to guy and has some key attributes that makes him ridiculously helpful;

  • He’s a quick learner and picks things up quickly
  • He is a great communicator
  • Chad has patience, lots of patience

If you have someone with some of Chad’s skills, he might be perfect for the task!

4 – Everyone is different

All people learn differently and you must cater to this in order for your new technology to be successful. You may need to explain the technology in different ways, or have personal sessions with you or the few people you trained first. This way everyone has a positive learning experience and will be more accepting to the new technology.

5 – Spice up your training

No one wants a boring training session where you sit and listen, and it’s not the most effective way of training either. If you add some excitement and fun to learning the new technology, you’ll have much better results.

An interactive training, with a little bit of humor, can be really helpful in making your training go well. Adding excitement to your training will help employees learn in a way that they enjoy more and pay extra attention to.

6 – Show the importance

All of these quick tips on implementing new technology helps with those personalities that need to know the answer to the “why?” question. It’s important to show each employee why this new technology matters to them, and how it will impact their work. Your employees do care about how it will impact the company, but what they really want to know is how it will help them and what changes they need to make. Be sure to walk them through that before they start using it.