Hello, we're Projul

Contractors don't have time to organize their business. Projul is the solution.

Your job is to get !$*@ done. Our job is to keep you organized, efficient, and profitable while you do it.

A Smartphone running Projul software.
"We were great at construction, but managing and organizing it was holding us back. It was really frustrating."
Kurt Clayson, Projul Founder and CEO
Kurt Clayson Projul Founder & CEO

Before & After

Sound Familiar?

  • Without Projul
  • Writing customer details on napkins
  • Eating your own material and labor costs
  • Losing money due to no official change orders
  • Failing at basic communication and scheduling
  • With Projul
  • Staying profitable on all our projects
  • Keeping our deadlines despite unforseen days off
  • Tracking customer details, expenses, and revenue
  • Winning bids and getting invoices paid

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Main Features

Projul is construction management made simple.

  • Store your contacts and all their details. Learn More
  • Create projects, tasks, and team schedules. Learn More
  • Track your invoices, estimates, & more. Learn More

Store Contacts & Details

View customer details & create reports based on all your contacts.

Never forget a phone number or address again, and do things with your contact data you never even imagined.

Feature Details

  • Store contact details, notes, and pictures on the project level.
  • Easily follow up on estimates, pending change orders, or unpaid invoices.
  • View your team member's progress at the customer & project level.
  • And so much more!
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Create Projects, Tasks, & Team Schedules

Calling and texting to communicate project details? Not anymore.

Everyone knows what they're doing tomorrow and what materials and tools they need to do it. If that changes, no worries!

Feature Details

  • Create project progress dashboards and calendar views.
  • Simple drag and drop system to make schedule changes.
  • Receive notifications about daily tasks and schedule updates.
  • Templatize recurring projects (bid forms, materials, tasks, etc.)
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Invoices, Estimates, & More

Estimates, change orders, invoices & payments made simple.

When it comes to your documents, Projul makes creating, customizing, templatizing, storing, branding, sending, receiving, and organizing those documents as easy as pie.

Feature Details

  • Easily convert your estimate to a project and tasks.
  • Alter a contract by creating a change order in seconds.
  • Send invoices and collect payment in just a few clicks.
  • 2-Way payment processing via WePay. (a Chase Company)
  • Automatically sync with QuickBooks™.
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More Features

That was just the tip of the iceberg.

  • Project Management
  • Real-Time Messaging
  • QuickBooks™ Integration
  • Built-In Budgeting
  • Reporting
  • Powerful Search
  • Interactive Gantt View
  • Exceptional Estimating
  • Pre-Sales Process & Lead Management
  • To-Do's Management
  • Warranty Details
  • Mobile Notifications
  • Slide Project & Task Schedules
  • Invoicing
  • Timesaving Templates
  • Intuitive Scheduling
  • Employee Time Tracking
  • Daily Logs
  • Custom Features
  • Estimates Converted To Tasks
  • Change Orders
  • Photos, Markup & Storage
  • Branding Customization
  • Customer ESignatures
  • Documents & Storage
  • Clone Projects, Estimates & Tasks
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"We built Projul because contractors are good at doing work but not as good at managing and coordinating it."
Kurt Clayson, Projul Founder and CEO
Kurt Clayson Projul Founder & CEO

G2 User Ratings

  • Ease of Use 9.8
  • Quality of Support 9.8
  • Ease of Setup 9.8