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Here’s a quick overview of how Sound Construction Nailed It With Projul. 

Sound Construction Services (SCS), based in Maple Valley, Washington, has just passed the 6 month anniversary using Projul. SCS being one of our success customers, we’ve had the opportunity to work side-by-side over these last few months and it’s been a blast.

There is a significant feature on their business right on the Projul site. Below is a brief highlight from their story.

“Sound Construction Services (SCS) began as a modest-sized construction company with two project managers (estimators) and 6 full time field workers. Within 6 months we had taken on four additional project managers. We also took on 18 full time field workers and a dozen sub contractors that were intermittently utilized. With this quick of growth, we very quickly had to revamp all of our processes to support a larger crew. Another benefit was having six times the amount of ongoing projects.”

Long story short, we’re pretty proud of the numbers Projul has generated in their business (see the “Show me the money” data below). As exciting as all this is, there is some additional benefits and takeaways we want to share.

1 – They found out they could do more with resources

It’s extremely important to make decisions for the benefit of the company and not just for yourself. If you’re positive the new technology will make your company better, it’s most likely safe to move forward with this new technology. Projul provided significant organization and communication to daily operations.

2 – After filling in holes in their sales pipeline, they could increase margins

Once you’re serious about using the new technology in your company, give your employees a heads up. If you tell them about it once they’re forced to use it, there may be even more push back, it’s best to notify employees as soon as possible. Tell them how this will help with their jobs, and the company too. If the new technology is something that will help them and the company, you’ll generally get less push back. Without a doubt, Sound Construction nailed it with Projul. Especially having multiple project managers who were using different field workers each week, it made daily operations more efficient and organized for everyone.