What to Look for in a Project Manager? To guarantee a construction project’s success, you need to have a detailed plan and the right people involved. A key role in every project is a project manager.

Your project manager puts together the timeline. Project mangers make sure all pieces of the puzzle match up, and ultimately see the project through to completion. Your project manager should keep everything running smoothly. They also ensure the customer and subcontractors are well informed.

The best project managers use a range of skills on each job, but we feel there are a few key characteristics a construction company should know what to look for in a project manager.

1 – Effective Communicator

Great communication is imperative for a successful project. It’s especially critical in construction projects. Good communication is an important element in what to look for in a Project Manager. Your ideal project manager is less worried about their preferred communication style, and is more focused on communicating. Project managers communicate with their teammates, subcontractors and customers based on their preferred method. Via email, text, phone call, in person, over coffee, etc. Your project manager needs to understand that they don’t just need to communicate with the construction team. Knowing how to communicate with a customer is highly crucial for a project manager.

2 – Team Player

Usually, people make up your construction team. Therefore, the project manager must understand and practice trust, teamwork and task delegation. A great project manager trusts their team and delegates tasks to those people. In addition, they do this all while remaining approachable if any issues arise. Teamwork is essential to not only getting work done, but also dealing with issues when they come up.

3 – Organized

Additionally, a good project manager knows how to write a  strong project plan, and more importantly, keep it up to date. Also, the project plan should be high-level but also detailed.

The high-level version of the plan communicates leadership. And to the customer it communicates the project’s tasks, such as signing contract, pre-deposit, demolition, prep work, etc. Leadership and customers usually only want to see when something is going to be “finished” versus all of the steps that go into each task.

The detailed plan communicates to the project team not only the task’s completion dates, but all the steps in between. This helps keep all of your people in the field on the same page regarding what needs to be done first in a long line of tasks to meet a due date. With Projul, it’s easy to see what tasks are next, and who is assigned to each task. This makes it easy on leadership, customers, subcontractors and most importantly your team to see what’s going on at a glance.

Lastly, It’s very important for a project manager to know the plan in detail. They will be able to more act accordingly when an issue occurs. The ability to resolve people and resource allocation issues will only help both the job’s and the team’s success.

4 – Outstanding Problem Solver

Being able to problem-solve quickly and effectively is an important thing to look for in a project manager. As with most things in life, it’s best to plan for the unknown. Although you can never predict every scenario, project managers need to be flexible. As a result, this flexibility keeps a project going when things go wrong. Project managers who are great problem solvers are constantly identifying risks, adding padded time to the project schedule and communicating clearly when something goes wrong.

5 – Task Focused

A successful project manager needs be able to focus on the job’s tasks without getting distracted or discouraged by problems that occur. There can be no procrastination in this role. Instead, your project manager needs to roll with the punches in order to keep the job moving on schedule.

If your project manager is getting overwhelmed by large tasks, they should know to break them down into smaller, more manageable tasks.

6 – Constantly Learning

Lastly, a great project manager doesn’t get stuck in their ways. Project managers need to learn about everything from the latest construction methods to using construction project management software. A good project management software can help alleviate manual work and increase productivity and customer satisfaction. In return, your company has efficiency from the inside out.