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Sound Construction Services (SCS) began as a modest-sized construction company with two project managers (estimators) and 6 full time field workers. Within 6 months we had taken on four additional project managers, 18 full time field workers and a dozen sub contractors that were intermittently utilized. With this quick of growth, we very quickly had to revamp all of our processes to support a larger crew and six times the amount of ongoing projects.

One of the most difficult aspects of this was scheduling. While scheduling projects, multiple aspects need to be considered. This includes individual project schedules (to ensure efficiency), individual worker schedules (to ensure enough hours are being had), sub contractor schedules and customer schedules. Not having a way to fully understand the ‘bigger picture’ of scheduling very quickly became a huge issue. We were struggling with getting trades in one after the other on individual projects, it became very easy to double-book or starve workers of hours. We were doing the best we could with what we had by balancing 15 Google Calendars, an Excel Spreadsheet, and at least two handwritten schedules.

To say we were operating inefficiently would be an understatement. Having the ability to compare all of these schedules simultaneously is not only a huge time saver, but has greatly reduced headaches across the board. Individual project schedules are even presented in such a way that those on our team that are less technologically inclined can fully understand the progress and status on all active projects.

Stephan F. SCS Director of Operations

Show me the money

 We know talk is cheap, so check the numbers yourself.


SCS increased its lead conversion rates by over 35% using Projul.

Projul organized Sound Construction’s leads and applied proven business practices to connect and convert the most possible leads.


Projul enabled SCS to efficiently manage 8 times more leads.

Without Projul, managing 160 leads a month was a struggle, now they manage 400+ a month with ease.


In less than 12 months, Projul drove SCS to gather / convert more leads and book substantially more jobs.

This resulted in an additional $5 million in revenue for SCS. 

Connect with more leads, convert more leads.

The road to profitability starts with the ability to follow up with the right leads, with the right information, at the right time.

Projul brings this all together by telling you the last time you communicated with a lead and how — then organizes the most relevant leads at the top of your list. This makes it incredibly easy to prioritize your outreach to the hottest leads, and follow up when you’re already top of mind.

At Projul we know that catching a potential customer before they lose interest or hear from a competitor turn deals in your favor. The details regarding the job, customer and their communication are captured for your team to use when coordinating the estimate and scheduling the project.

We know you’re busy multitasking with a never-ending slew of interruptions from your team, on-site contractors, and customers calls. Projul has your back, keeping you focused and tasked, allowing you pick up right where you left off, even in the eye of the storm.

About Sound Construction Services

SCS is based in the Seattle area where they are focused on residential & commercial projects.

They specialize in kitchen & bathroom remodels, additions and custom decks with a commitment to 5-star service.

Fig 3.1. Projul converts 48.53% more leads into estimates vs managing leads manually or using spreadsheets.

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Our scheduling went from hectic to heroic.

“With Projul we were able to substantially grow our crew and run 6X the number of ongoing projects, keeping the entire team fully utilized.”


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