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Projul Build Release 4836

Here’s what’s new: Added ability to shift+click when selecting photos in the gallery Fixed an issue with reloading Projul occasionally  Fixed an...

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Projul Build Release 4792

Here’s what’s new: Added ability to upload files to tasks Added ability to access leads when searching for customers Fixed an issue with scrolling...

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Projul Build Release 4771

Here’s what’s new: Added a progress bar when uploading photos Added functionality to the search page Fixed as issue with project templates Added a...

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Projul Build Release 4752

Here’s what’s new: Added ability upload documents Added ability to clone a project Added ability to slide a project schedule Added ability to create...

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Best Practices

Building Your Business

5 Winning Sales Techniques

Look for opportunities Plan for the next step Have everything written down (and with you) The 'Buy Now' discount Ask for the sale 1 - Look for opportunities The first of the...

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