Just like every building needs a strong foundation, every construction company should be built on the solid foundation of construction management software. For years, options have been limited and the construction industry has been the #2 underserved industry in technology (behind only hunting & fishing).

Why construction management software?

Construction management software helps companies maximize profit, estimate accurately, meet project deadlines, and much more. As more companies move to technology, the construction industry has grown, and the opportunity to make big money has grown for companies that take advantage of these new tools.

Why do most construction companies fail? One of the many reasons is a lack of organization, processes, and decision-making data. Using powerful project management software can ensure you can grow a sustainable construction business and ensure maximum profit.

What should I look for in the best construction management software?

There are many features to look for when considering what software is best for your company. Let’s name a few.

1. Key Features: What features are most important to my company, and does the selected software check most or all of those boxes?

2. Ratings and Reviews: Has this software been received well by other companies like mine?

3. Price: Does this software fit into my companies budget, and can I get good ROI by using this product?

4. Industry Fit: Was this system built for my industry? Am I trying to fit a square peg in a round whole?

5. Limitations: No software is perfect. Are the limitations of this system show-stoppers?

Of course, there is more you can look for when considering a new system, but using these guidelines and the list of systems below, hopefully, you can find the best construction management software for your team!

8 of the best construction management softwares.

1 – Projul

Projul is everything you need in construction management software—a comprehensive, powerful system designed to maximize profit and efficiency while bringing everything into one place.

Key features

– Lead pipeline/Construction CRM

– Estimating

– Selections

– Templates

– Change orders

– Invoices

– Payment processing

– Gantt charts

– Project timelines

– Calendar views

– Task management

– Photo/File storage

– Team communication

– Client Portal

– Time tracking

– Job costing

G2 rating

4.9/5 stars

Projul has been a game changer for my team and company. The integration at start up was very supportive as well as my follow up calls. I have tried other CRM and project management programs but found them overwhelming and the support was days out which puts a hold on us moving forward. I have been using Projul for 2 years now and as they grow, they continue to add features and their support doesn’t waver. I have recommended it to other General Contractors and Subs! Thank you Team Projul!” – Andy M. 

Projul Pros

  • Easy to use, G2 award for best ease of use 2024.
  • Built by construction pros. Industry-leading support who KNOW the construction industry.
  • Eliminates the need for separate software for time tracking, photo management, estimates, payment processing, etc…
  • Full-featured mobile app. Run your company from anywhere on any device!


  • No open API yet…. Coming by the end of 2024

2 – busybusy

busybusy is the leading construction time tracking and job costing software. Leverage GPS to efficiently track field time, equipment, materials, and progress. Simplify payroll, manage employee schedules, and generate daily reports in one easy-to-use app.

Key features

  • Time tracking
  • Equipment tracking
  • Cost code tracking

G2 rating

4.8/5 stars

BusyBusy allows our business to track time, document jobs with descriptions and photos, and offers GPS tracking. The platform is easy to use and the support is great! The feature that allows us to input customized questions also helps us capture injuries and if an employee needs a time adjustment.” – Shannon Y.

busybusy Pros

  • Easy to use
  • Great GPS and digital time tracking


  • Not a full-featured construction management software. 
  • Outside of time and equipment tracking, very limited functionality.

3 – Procore

Procore construction software manages your construction projects, resources and financials from planning to closeout. The platform connects every project contributor to solutions built specifically for the industry for the owner, the general contractor and the specialty contractor. The ability to communicate across teams makes it easier to work together by establishing a single source of truth. This is how Procore gives your team easy access to everything they need to know to get the job done.

Key features

  • Document Management
  • Sub Contractor Portal 
  • Bid Management
  • Purchase Orders
  • Liability Documentation

G2 rating

4.6/5 stars

Everything is in the same place, with plenty of tools to tackle our day-to-day use case. Customer support responds very promptly and has been very helpful. Implementing procore has been a long but rewarding process and we believe it will be very useful for us. It helped us improve a lot of our outdated processes. One as simple as sharing photos from the field has gotten a lot easier.” – Alan T.

Procore Pros

  • Great for commercial construction and documentation.
  • Robust feature set.


  • Very expensive relative to competitors.
  • Difficult to use, steep learning curve.

4 – Jobber

Jobber’s all-in-one platform lets you schedule, quote, invoice, and receive payments faster than ever before. Save up to 7 hours a week running your business with Jobber. Plus, seamlessly integrate with key business management tools like QuickBooks Online.

Key features

  • Estimating
  • Deposit invoices
  • Automated Reminders
  • Calendar scheduling

G2 rating

4.5/5 stars

I run a very lean operation. Jobber allows me to control quotes, scheduling, invoicing, billing, and customer info by myself and without a complicated process. No need for additional staff to perform clerical work because Jobber allows me do it all all wherever I am…the office, truck or jobsite.” – Aaron T. 

Jobber Pros

  • Great for service-based construction.
  • Automation from estimate to invoice.
  • Automated customer communication


  • Lack of project management tools (i.e change orders, job costing, project timelines)
  • Limited scheduling functionality outside of calendar-style booking.

5 – Asana

Asana was built thoughtfully, so you can execute according to plan. Where other work management platforms appear to focus on quantity over quality of features, Asana is focused on the scalability and reliability of its platform—so you can always be ready to work.

Key features

  • Calendaring
  • Task Management
  • Team collaboration

G2 rating

4.3/5 stars

It works effectively in smaller teams and eliminates the need for collaboration through slack or email. Asana is our projects management platform, which we use to keep track of projects, tasks, and the majority of our strategic efforts. It is widely used throughout the company. It enables extensive project planning as well as full visualization of the project process prior to its start.” – Sandeep K.


Asana Pros

  • Flexibility in task management
  • Collaborative and simple design
  • Many integrations


    • Not built for construction companies specifically.
    • Missing financial + sales tools. 
    • Missing construction-specific tools like change orders, time tracking, and estimating.
    • Not an all-in-one solution. 

    7 – BuilderTrend

    Buildertrend is residential construction project management software trusted by home builders, remodelers and specialty contractors. Builders can manage jobs, sales, finances, materials, client relationships and more on one convenient platform – allowing time to take on more jobs without the added stress.

    Key features

    • Customer portal
    • RFIs
    • Gantt Charts

    G2 rating

    4.2/5 stars

    All the information can be stored in one place. The financial aspect is clear and clean. Homeowners have access to all the information in one place. RFI’s are easy to keep track of and keep sub-vendors on task.” – Lizzy F.

    Buildertrend Pros

    • The client portal makes it easy to keep customers up-to-date on projects.
    • RFIs and other documents can be connected to projects for storage.


      • Steep learning curve. 
      • Not user-friendly.
      • App crashes occasionally.

      8 – Acculynx

      Acculynx helps roofing and exterior contractors manage their sales pipeline, create roofing estimates from anywhere, schedule crews with the click of a button, oversee production, order materials and better understand the performance of their business.

      Key features

      • Estimating + sales pipeline
      • Integrations with common roofing software.
      • Team communications

      G2 rating

      4.4/5 stars

      Acculynx has been very user-friendly and easy to navigate since i’ve started using it. I am frequently touching files and updating contract worksheets, uploading docs, etc.” – Allison S.

      Acculynx Pros

      • Integrations with EagleView and exterior material databases make estimating easy.
      • Easy to attach photos and files to jobs.


      • The mobile app is not full-featured. 
      • Very expensive compared to competitors.

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