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Achieve your goals by keeping your projects on schedule.

There are many moving parts in a construction project. Because of this, it’s not always easy to keep everything on schedule.

Projul helps you stay on track by giving you the tools to manage your tasks, and schedule your work with ease.

You get 7 different schedule ways to view your construction project. And your field workers can use the mobile app to keep up-to-date.

  • Managing and scheduling tasks is quick and simple
  • Adjust your schedule on the fly, so you’re always up to date
  • Mobile app makes it easy for your team to see their schedule, and log their time

Projul’s leading the pack and setting new standards

A software page that lets you view tasks such as accounting and other services.

Stay in complete control of your project management by creating and assigning tasks

Convert your estimates into tasks to get started quickly, and create daily task lists. This way, everyone knows what they need to work on.

You can add locations to tasks for better clarity, and you can see real-time progress reports. This provides a clear picture of how your team is performing.

Our project management features make construction management simple for you and your team.

  • Complete transparency across the projects with real-time progress
  • ️Quick and easy to create tasks for your field workers
  • You’re creating your tasks in the same place you manage your construction schedule

It’s easy to turn your list of tasks into a schedule that works for everyone

Our drag and drop scheduler makes it quick to build out your project schedule. You can also use schedule templates and cloning to get up and running in seconds.

It’s simple to view your schedule with 7 different schedule views. And advanced filtering lets you look at only the information you need.

  • Keep your team on schedule with automatic notifications
  • Save time with the drag and drop schedule builder
  • Identify setbacks and patterns with advanced schedule views and filtering
A better viewpoint for organizing your company's data
Task Percentages Estimates Converted To Tasks with Projul

Stay connected with your field workers using the Projul mobile app

We designed our mobile app for construction workers to stay organized. They can see their tasks, upload photos and documents, and view their schedule.

They can also log their time from the site, meaning your data is always up-to-date.

  • Your team can see their tasks and schedule wherever they are
  • Avoid losing valuable information by uploading photos and documents
  • Available on iOS and Android

What our customers are saying

Our happy customers love how Projul helps them do more with less
Dan H.

Best contractor software on the market.

"Most complete, intuitive, and user-friendly system I've ever used. I've used a hand full of contractor software in my years, and I can say, without doubt, my employees and customers love the simplicity and details this system has. From detailed and precise estimates for the customers, easy time management and scheduling for my employees, and a robust CRM, I have yet to find an area within..."
Keith E.
CEO & Founder
Chase C.

An unbelievably incredible platform!!!

“The amazing support. The ease of use. The efficiency. This platform has significantly optimized our operations and streamlined all of our processes. This is a very powerful tool with a tremendous amount of even more potential. We are always finding news ways to integrate Projul’s features into our operations. I cannot thank you guys enough for developing such an amazing tool. We look forward to…”
Chase M.
Director of Operations
Dan H.

Projul is an underdog that's poised to take the construction industry by storm!

"For being relatively new, they've built an incredible platform to run just about every aspect of a construction business. Based on recent conversations with them, I'm excited to see how much more powerful this software will be a year from now. My favorite feature is being able to build templates for each type of fence we build. These templates can easily be applied to an estimate, and the..."
Dan H.
Founder/Sales Manager
Brad H.

The best software I've found.

"The estimating portion is excellent. They're constantly upgrading the software based on our recommendations."
Brad H.
Owner at Team Handy
Brennan T.

Fantastic software with a great team behind it.

"With Projul we have a solution for every possible scenario that comes up while running a construction business. And if we run into a unique use case they have been willing and able to build custom solutions to handle it."
Brennan T.
Todd Plumbing CEO
Dan H.

Simply simple

"the project timeline is simple, everything extends from there. From sales to staff management, its all pretty simple to understand."
Gene H.

Incredible asset for our company.

"The integration of sales + project management. The sales pipeline is intuitive, easy to use, and completely revolutionized our company's ability to respond to prospective clients. You can pick up the basics of this essential feature very quickly. From day one it allowed us to much more effectively manage new inquiries, track the status of proposals, and sign on new clients. Once a client signs..."
William S.
Senior Project Designer

Projul is simply the best platform for construction companies and niche service providers.

"ProJul is very intuitive with robust capabilities. Based on my extensive research and 30+ years of experience as an entrepreneur and high C-Level performer, this dynamic is very difficult to achieve. Best of all is Projul's world-class customer service. Listening to customer feedback is critical to any successful organization, but executing on the feedback to ensure process improvement and..."
Charles G.
President & CEO
Kristy P.

We Love It!! It has saved us so much time!

“Projul has been a tremendous help to our growing construction company. It has made our estimating so much easier to complete, as well as scheduling, timekeeping and scheduling for our employees, QuickBooks integration, project timelines and completion schedules, and so much more. On top of that, Projul has gone above and beyond to answer any questions or address any technical difficulties. …”
Kristy P.

Supporting your success every step of the way

Projul provides an industry leading premium support package that includes a personalized implementation and analysis of your company’s workflows to best fit your company’s needs. We are here to support your success!

See Projul in action and ask us about what your business needs.

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Construction Scheduling Software FAQs

What is construction scheduling software?

Construction scheduling software helps you define and schedule your construction project.

They often give you many ways to view your construction project schedule. They also allow you to assign tasks to workers to make it easier to plan and forecast.

Some construction scheduling software also covers construction project management and sales pipeline features. This can be useful, as it covers the whole project life-cycle.

Why should I use construction scheduling software?

You should use construction scheduling software because it makes scheduling easy. It helps you through the scheduling process itself. Then both management and field workers can access the final schedule.

This is vital, because everyone will be on the same page. It also means the team isn’t dependent on one person to manage the construction schedule.

Which features to look for in the best construction scheduling software?

The features you need will change depending on the size and structure of your business. But there are a few features that every construction scheduling software should offer:

  • Construction scheduling
  • Project management tools
  • Various construction schedule views
  • Realtime progress reporting
  • Calendar view

It’s important to find the best app to help you manage your construction project schedule. There are many construction project management tools available. So it’s important to take your time to compare them.

What makes Projul special?

We’re industry pros, and we created Projul based on our many years in construction. We know exactly what companies need in their construction project scheduling software.

We understand the importance of effective scheduling and reliable resource management. We also provide a construction scheduling app for field workers to see their project schedule. Your project team can also log their time from the job site, using the app.

This all makes construction scheduling a much simpler process. And we’re proud to offer the best construction scheduling software on the market.

Can I manage my entire project with construction scheduling software?

You can do everything using construction project scheduling software. From planning your construction project schedules, to creating and assigning project tasks.

You can also view your construction project schedule in many ways. Manage your project time line with Gantt charts, and use the calendar view to plan your week.

Construction companies can also store relevant documents and develop their project plan. Keeping key information about trade partners. The calendar view and easy crew scheduling make it easy to calculate critical path.

Why is project scheduling important?

When you’re construction planning, there is a lot you need to do. You likely have a regular team, a specialty contractor or two, and trade partners to think about.

This is why construction project schedules are so important. View construction project schedules, while calculating critical path and managing project tasks.

Scheduling software can help with this. It provides easy crew scheduling, detailed construction planning. These detailed views help you stay up to date.

The calendar view, especially, makes it easy to ensure your team is in the right place at the right time. Or making sure you’re not paying for that specialty contractor longer than you need.