Photos, Markup, & Storage: Automatically Organized

A picture’s worth a thousand words. Snap a photo and markup photos from the field or include pictures within tasks so workers and management can stay synced. Easily upload customer photos and keep track everything all in one place.
Photos and Storage Feature with Projul

Headache Free Photo Management

Don’t clutter your personal life with job photos and save your phone space for family and pets. 

Project photos are automatically stored and organized in your Projul cloud, not cluttering up personal pictures or wasting space on your phones. Projul makes it easy for your crew to snap photos, markup, and communicate without having to spend a single minute managing, organizing, or deleting photos on your phone.

Quickly Captured & Automatically Organized

With Projul, it’s incredibly easy to snap or upload pictures from any project, task, or message in the app.

Photos are automatically tagged and organized by project, project type, customer, and much more to make it easy for you find what you want when you want it.

Tag documents and photos with your own custom tags for fast retrieval accross projects and customers.
Have you ever wanted a quick way to locate Before & After photos for your website? Simply use BEFORE and AFTER tags and filter by them in the gallery. Projul makes it easy.

Photos and Markup with Projul

Include Photos & Documents with Tasks

Photos can be easily taken or added to tasks and communications with Projul.

Easily share photos with workers to help facilitate communications and selections.

You can even markup photos in Projul to provide immediate clarifications.

Photos and Markup with Projul

Worry Free Photo Storage

Have you ever had to delete pictures on your phones to make space for new job or estimate photos? Are you tired of unorganized photos or searching to find a specific project picture?

With Projul, those project photo problems are a thing of the past. Project photos are automatically uploaded, tagged, and organized from all employee phones and stored in your Projul cloud, not on your phones.

No more photo problems with Projul.

Photos and Storage with Projul

Photos Automatically Organized, Tagged, & Ready for Use

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