Build Notes 1.4.5473

Posted on Monday Dec 5th, 2022


  • Communicating with customers just became even easier! We know that both your schedule and your customers schedule’s are extremely busy, and ensuring everyone is kept in the loop of communication is a challenge. Now, when you or your customer sends a message in the customer communications channel, the Project Manager on each job and the customer receive an email notification that a comment has been made. No matter where you are, or what device you are on, you can be tied into all customer conversations.  


  • We have made an adjustment to estimate templates. You can now create templates with customer estimate fields! If you have specific requirements for an estimate like federal ID numbers, specific estimator info, or any other custom field, these can be built into your templates. Eliminate dual entry and get your estimates turned around even faster. 


  • Adding cost lines and material categories from the cost line management page functions as expected. (7523)
  • General improvements to clocking in and out from mobile devices. (7603)