Build Notes 2.1.60

Posted on Monday, May 13th, 2024


Share and store larger files within Projul to improve team communication and collaboration! You can now add photos and files up to 400MB each, up from 100MB.


– Updates to account history when an employee is archived. With these improvements, looking back at past information across the app will be accurate and provide reliable historical information for your employees and users that have been archived from the system. These improvements include the following:

Tasks: Any tasks associated with a user when they are archived should remain associated with the user. The user is removed from the scheduler view, but these tasks should still show on the calendar view, task list (when showing “Everyone”), and project schedule views. If someone edits the list of workers on these tasks, they will now see the archived user in the list of selected workers but not see them in the list of selectable workers.

Projects & Customers: Where the user is associated as a project manager, estimator, or sales rep, after being archived they will now remain on any projects or customers they were associated with in this way. Similar to tasks, if a user edits these lists they should see the archived user as one of the selected users but not be able to select them again.

Time logs: While an archived user is removed from the list of cards on the time logs page, they should still be listed in the Company Pay Period Report when viewing any pay periods where they had time logged. They should accurately show the hours per pay rate and the paid total will be accurate. This means any custom pay rates from their entity should be applied here.

Project budget: Similar to the Company Pay Period Report and the Time Logs Report, when a user with time logs associated with a project is archived, those time logs in the project budget should still show the user’s name and correct pay rates, even if those pay rates were different from the company default. Active users will be able to edit those time logs just like they can from the Daily Logs page and see the correct user info in the editor.

Photos & Files: If the user uploaded any photos or files, when they are archived they should still show as the user who uploaded the photos/files.

Reports: Any reports that show specific user data–Time Log Report, Contract Report (shows PM, SR, Estimator), Contract By Role Report, Profitability Analysis Report (Sales rep), Estimator Estimated Revenue Report, Estimators, and Leads Report (PM, SR, Estimator)–will continue to show archived users’ data where applicable.

Map/Geolocation data: All existing map points for an archived user will now be retained and still show on the map when viewing days where the user had location data.

Change histories: Any change history that shows an archived user that made a change will still show that user after they are archived. Similarly, when hovering over an estimate or invoice status where it shows what user made that status change, this will still be accurate when the user who made that change is now archived.

Communication channels: Any messages sent by a user who is later archived should still be visible in the relevant communication channels.


– Performance improvements when syncing with QuickBooks Desktop.

– When a discount is applied to an estimate, and progress invoices are created after that, discounts display the expected overall project balance. 

– When using the search page, your entry does not need to be case-sensitive to display expected information. 

– Estimate and invoice links are supported in the iOS 12 safari browser.

– Leads in the “to revise” column are counted in the active project leads number as expected. 

– The estimate report is displaying expected estimates per the selected date range and does not show any duplicates on the report. 

– When editing the name of an estimate section or cost item, spaces do not trim until after the user clicks out of the field (instead of as the user backspaces).

– Filtering by trade on the scheduler view functions as expected. 

– If a user or client is opening a portal link, and connection to the internet is briefly lost, the content of the link loads once the connection is re-established. 

– Estimate viewed notification sends when the client opens the estimate as expected. If this notification is turned off in the settings, notifications are not received. 

– Invoice “delete” permissions function as expected. 

– Users with invoice “add/edit” permissions have the edit icon on the invoice cards available as expected. 

– If a user has invoice permission but not project permissions, they are able to see all invoices from the invoice screen as expected.

– Moving a project lead in the lead pipeline to the “to sell” stage does not create a blank estimate if an estimate has not been created for that project. 

Build Notes 2.1.57

Posted on Monday, May 6th, 2024


– When archiving a user, a new prompt appears to explain how archiving works. Archiving a user removes their access but does not change the subscription. Check it out below!


– Highlights display in the estimate item description as expected. 

– Calendar and schedule views now print in landscape when you print the screen. 

– If a Chrome browser needs to be updated an alert will prompt you to update to the latest version for best app performance. 

– Performance improvements when scrolling on an estimate or invoice editor from a mobile device.

– The “delete all” option on the unscheduled task list does not display when there are no unscheduled tasks.

– The “select files” and “select photos” buttons do not display when there are no photos or files on the page. 

– Man hours and days update on the project card as tasks are added, removed, or edited as expected. 

– Using the back arrow on the scheduling page takes the user back to the previous page as expected. 

– Pop-up to schedule a follow reminder does not display on completed projects. 

– Time log reports include data from archived projects as expected. 

– Saving a website domain on the lead capture form integration functions as expected even when a space is entered before or after the domain. 

– Display improvements on the date picker in the reports tab. 

Build Notes 2.1.57

Posted on Monday, April 29th, 2024


– Users with non-admin permissions, that have the ability to edit employees, are no longer able to change their own permissions from the employees page.


– Performance improvements when selecting tax rates that have been synced from QuickBooks.

– When searching for an archived project, the option to view/edit estimate displays as expected.

– Display improvements when managing assigned users on a task from the schedule page. 

– Improvements to the sync status page, duplicate documents do not display. Documents show as expected. 

– Performance improvements when clocking in and out on the mobile app. 

– Deleting a project or customer from an estimate or invoice editor closes the editor as expected. 

– “Save and close” tasks from the project timeline functions as expected. 

– Estimate by role report showing accurate data when an estimate has a change order attached. 

– Line items appear in the correct order when an estimate section template is saved and applied. 

– Receipts display for paid invoices as expected. 

– Display improvements on the estimator report. 

– Creating a new tag that has the same letters to start as an existing tag functions as expected. 

– Users with estimate template permissions have the ability to remove estimate sections from the templates as expected. 

– Unassigned tasks do not disappear when filtering by team. 

– Importing descriptions from an itemized estimate to an invoice functions as expected. 

– Display improvements in the customer view of estimates and invoices. 

– Uploading a photo shows the progress bar on the user’s account that takes the picture, not all users. 

– Leads do not create a blank estimate when moving leads in the pipeline that do not have an estimate already made. 

– Client viewing permission function as expected.

Build Notes 2.1.53

Posted on Monday, April 8th, 2024


– You can now access project comments directly from the estimate and invoice editors. This improves communication and can help estimators, see all the notes when creating change orders, putting together invoices, or creating an original estimate!

Comments from estimate


– Improvements made to help find and sort information faster! There is no limit to the number of items you can filter for on any given page. For example, on any scheduling view, you can now filter by multiple projects at the same time. 

– To better include all types of construction companies, both commercial and residential the term “customer” has been changed to “client” in all places in the app.


– Change order subtotals display as expected. 

– Performance improvements when syncing tasks across different devices. 

– “Out of bounds” clock-in alerts are sent as expected.

– Performance improvements when sliding project timelines from the timeline view. 

– A number of performance improvements when syncing to QuickBooks Desktop.

– Users with no time log permission, but who do have access to the project budget, are not able to edit time logs on the budget page.

– Default task names show on the time logs if the task has no name. 

– Sending estimates from the project lead pipeline functions as expected. 

– Approved estimate alerts include any discounts that have been applied to the estimate total. 

– Syncing with QuickBooks does not remove employee/customer colors or project names as expected.

– Task changes save when clicking the save option on the unsaved change warning popup. 

– Photo viewing permissions function as expected from the photos page.

– Unsaved change warning displays when adding or removing a tax on an estimate before leaving to a new page. 

Build Notes 2.1.51

Posted on Monday, April 1st, 2024


– If two users are viewing the same estimate, and one user makes and saves changes, the other users’ page will refresh with the latest updates. This prevents errors if a user is working in multiple browsers, and improves collaboration allowing multiple users to see real time updates on estimates.

– When refunding a payment and a user tries to refund more than the payment amount, there is now a tool in place to prevent that user from refunding more than the total amount the customer paid. This can help prevent billing errors and over-refunds.


– If projects, estimates, and invoices have different numbers and a user searches for one of those numbers, it will pull all the associated project information and documents into the search results. This allows you to locate all related project information even faster than before!


– Tax Rates update on invoices when changes are made to the tax rates.

– Item descriptions display as expected.

– Performance improvements to the tax rate and time log sync with QuickBooks Online

– Pictures now display on an estimate, to the customer, in the same order they display on the editor view.

– Using the search function from an editor prompts you to save as expected.

– Project notes display as expected.

– Uploading pictures from a phone camera roll, into Projul, functions as expected.

– Time off settings display on the users schedule as expected.

– If there is no project to track time to, on the clock-in page, a button to add a project will display as expected.

– Users without the “Add/Edit” permission for “Templates” do not see the “Add cost” button when typing the name of a cost line in an estimate or invoice.

– Users without lead/project permissions do not see the “Lead pipeline” button on the welcome page as expected.

– Manually adding a time log to an employee shows that time under the “other time logged today” display option.

– Estimates sync to QuickBooks only sync when setting is turned on from the integrations page.

– Mobile-specific calendar is now displaying on google pixel devices as expected.

– Overdue task icons and schedule hours icons display as expected after changes are made by a different user in the system.

– Pasting an email or website into the contractor/employee information, functions as expected.

– Opening the project editor from an estimate shows the expected information, even if the project is complete.

– Photo tag filter functions as expected.

Build Notes 2.1.50

Posted on Monday, March 25th, 2024


Updates to the time tracking and live map view! Increased visibility, easily adjustable settings, and more! Check out this video walking through the update.


– Improved customer communications! In addition to the email notifications that are sent when a comment is made in the customer communication channel, they will also receive notifications in the alert channel for greater visibility and organization.


– Display updates to the map view. When a different user clocks in, the map view that is currently being viewed remains in the zoom that it was in previously. 

– Performance improvements when loading the mobile app. 

– Adding a project tag from the estimate card functions as expected. 

– Performance improvements when adding a decimal value to an estimate.

– Project leads display in the customer portal under “pending projects” as expected. 

– Editing time log clock-in and clock-out times when the times are in different months functions as expected. 

– Adding an invoice before an estimate has been added keeps the invoice associated to the project as expected. 

– Active projects display on the map as expected. 

– Using “select in schedule” for estimate meetings save as expected. 

– The budget/job-costing page uses 0 as a placeholder if there is no value added. 

– Various updates and improvements when saving, editing, and reviewing time logs. 

– Photos are displayed on the project reports as expected. 

– Adding an estimate from the invoice project editor saves as expected. 

– If an image title has a special character in the name, it displays as expected. 

– Sort order stays in place when navigating to a different screen. 

– Performance improvements when syncing email addresses from QuickBooks. 

– Marking an invoice as paid does not mark the entire estimate as paid if the full estimate has not been paid. 

– Scheduling and estimate meeting from the lead pipeline shows the estimate meeting as a scheduled next action. 

Build Notes 2.1.48

Posted on Monday, March 18th, 2024


– Improved workflow in the lead pipeline! When an estimate is marked as approved by the customer, it will automatically move to the “to sell” status of the lead pipeline. Now all approved estimates will be in place.


– Invoice numbers are matching the invoice number settings as expected. 

– When adding a task and then associating the task to the project, clicking on the folder icon opens the selector. 

– Sync improvements when syncing time logs from Projul to QuickBooks Online. 

– Invoices display the proper amount when a project is marked as paid in full as expected. 

– Display improvement when adding a project from the projects page it says “add a new project”.

Build Notes 2.1.47

Posted on Monday, March 12th, 2024


– Changing the value of a saved tax rate does not update the estimates or invoices that previously had that tax rate applied before the change. For example, if I sell an estimate with a 8% tax rate this month, and next month the tax rate in my area changes to 8.5%, the previous estimate is unchanged. This improved tax functionality helps maintain accuracy as taxes change. 

– Another update to tax rates! You can now add a setting not to update tax rates from within Projul, but instead pull taxes in from QuickBooks. This can help ensure your tax center in QuickBooks is the source of truth and all estimates and invoices are using the proper tax value. 

Changing taxes from QuickBooks

– A number of updates have been made to the payment center. Including the following: added tabs to navigate between estimates and invoices, the ability to hide columns, additional sorting options, and an export to .csv file option.

Updated Payment Center


– Estimate approval stamps and project date stamps match as expected in the lead pipeline. 

– Change assigned workers on a task does not impact the duration of tasks as expected. 

– Performance improvements when syncing invoices to QuickBooks Online, values matching as expected. 

– Performance improvements to location tracking and displayed location points. 

– Performance improvements when selecting a default markup percentage on estimate line items. If you add a new item with a $ amount markup, the correct percentage is applied based on the defaults. 

– Performance improvements when saving tasks. 

– Estimate totals display as expected on the project close-out page. 

– Changing the project address changes on the invoices and estimates as expected. 

– Updating the customer portal email updates the log-in for the customer as expected. 

– Exporting the invoice register and unpaid due invoice reports functions as expected. 

– You can now upload new images to a cost item template as expected.

Build Notes 2.1.40

Posted on Monday, February 19th, 2024


 Updates to QuickBooks auto-sync frequency. Now, as long as a sync is not currently in progress, users with sync permissions can “Start a sync” at any time to run a full sync of QuickBooks. Projul will also run a full sync at 11 pm automatically to ensure books are kept up to date without any manual process.


– A number of performance improvements when syncing employees, cost lines, and addresses with QuickBooks Desktop.

– A number of performance improvements when syncing invoices, project names, and project numbers to QuickBooks Online.

– Performance improvements when uploading photos to a project.

– Filtering projects on a tablet functions as expected.

– Sliding a project timeline does not take you back to the start of the project as expected.

– Customer default tax rate updates estimates and invoices as expected.

– Editing follow-up reminders adjusts the end time as expected.

– “Remove/edit in a change order” works as expected. You can also select which change order to add this to update to if there are multiple change orders on an estimate.

– Saved template names removed from the selector after being deleted.

– Exit option after uploading a photo to a change order on an iPhone functions as expected.

– Item visibility toggles and other filter options are saved on the Gannt chart after navigating away to another screen.

– Removing and re-adding a customer approval changes the approval date as expected.

– Changing the project color changes the color on associated invoices as expected.

– Performance improvements when calculating WIP report estimated revenue calculation.

– Display improvements on Overtime time logs.

– Performance improvements when filtering by a customer and deleting photos.

– Uploading multiple photos at the same time functions as expected.

– Display improvements in the headers of the WIP report.

– Project tags display as expected in the project month view.

– Bulk deleting photos or files from a project work as expected.

– Job costing page is filtering tasks properly.

Build Notes 2.1.38

Posted on Monday, February 12th, 2024


Addition to the payment center in Projul. For better visibility into the payment processor payouts, a new column has been added to the payment center. You can now see a payout date on each payment!


If you have not signed up with our new payment processor Justifi, after selecting “no thanks” on the prompt to sign up, the pop-up will go away permanently. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions regarding setting up in-app payment processing.


– Project WIP Report percentages displaying in export as expected.

– Performance improvements when navigating in the lead pipeline on a mobile device.

– “Next action” buttons on leads display as expected.

– “Sold” status in the lead pipeline functions as expected on the mobile app.

– Performance improvements on the profitability analysis report. 

– Editing time logs saves as expected without needing to close the time 

– Discounts display on invoice print preview as expected. 

– Leads imported from the website generate a project number as expected. 

– Performance improvements when editing time logs and selecting new time. 

– Display improvements on the mobile app lead pipeline. 

 – Performance improvements when opening the mobile app, load times improved and the app opens quickly.

Build Notes 2.1.35

Posted on Monday, February 5th, 2024


– In the payment center, you can now interact with the data allowing for faster navigation. Clicking on the customer will pull up the contact information, the invoice fields open the associated invoice and more!

– There is now a time limit for when payments can be refunded that were made through Justifi. ACH payments have a 90-day limit and Card Payments have a 365-day limit.


– Performance improvements when syncing estimates, ensuring that the value is greater than zero.

– A variety of performance improvements to QuickBooks syncing creating greater accuracy and clarity.

– Company Logos are displaying in the customer portal as expected.

– Editing time logs functions as expected.

– Agenda View tasks sort by start time as expected.

– Selecting alerts functions as expected.

– Clicking on the arrows to navigate between photos when you have selected “show project photos” in an estimate function as expected.

– The “today” button in the agenda view functions as expected.

– If you have changed the time period on the time logs report and leave the page, when you return it stays on the page you have selected previously.

– Associating an estimate to a project that is already sold, keeps the project in the selected stage as expected.
– Customer notes display as expected on the customer record.

– Completed tasks show as completed on the tasks with multiple steps.

Build Notes 2.1.34

Posted on Monday, January 29th, 2024


– Projul payment center is now on mobile! Access, refund, and see the status of payments on-the-go, from any device! This update makes managing your company from anywhere even easier.

– Tooltips have been added to the payment center detailing more information. Including who applied the payment, and when it succeeded. Check it out below!

Payment Center Tool Tip Payment Notification


– Clicking on a payment alert now takes you to the payment center with a filter for the associated invoice applied. Staying up to date on payments is now even faster.

– Changing the width of columns in the payment center remains as changed even when going to another page, or refreshing your browser.

– For additional clarity, the “payouts” tab on the payment center has been modified to be “processor payouts”. This tab allows you to quickly track and see updates on payouts from Justifi.


– Several performance and visual improvements to the payment center.

– Performance improvements when loading tasks and schedules on mobile.

– Cost line names display on the cost breakdown report, even when set to display as category name on the estimate.

– Deleting an estimate meeting deletes the associated “write estimate task” as expected.

– Manual payments applied to invoices show as a full payout in the payment center as expected.

– Failed payments do not sync to QuickBooks as expected.

– Closing out of photos on the mobile app, inside of the estimate editor functions as expected.

– Performance improvements when syncing time logs, employees, and payments to QuickBooks online.

– Phone numbers that are pasted into the system save as expected.

– “Customer approved” tool tip shows the name of the customer as expected.

– The date of the estimate approval stamp matches the date the estimate was signed after being opened by clicking on the stamp.

– Taxes display as expected when opening an estimate from the search bar (Canadian customers).

– Performance improvements when sorting files on a project.

– Invoice filters on the top left of the invoice page are displaying the expected amounts properly.

– Dragging multi-day events on the calendar view functions as expected.

– Company name appears on the associated tasks as expected.

Build Notes 2.1.31

Posted on Monday, January 22nd, 2024


Updates to Projul’s Payment Center! You can now sync payments from QuickBooks in bulk into the payment center. This will pull in all payments made in QuickBooks for invoices created in Projul based on the date range you select.


– Updates to the payment confirmation and failed payment emails that go to your customers after making a payment through Justifi! These updates provide additional clarity and details to your customer, making the integrated payment processing experience even smoother. Check out the emails below!

Payment Receipts

Failed Payment


– Sync improvements made when selecting what date range of data is pulled into Projul from QuickBooks Online if doing a bulk sync.

– Sync icon displays after applying a payment and saving the invoice as expected.

– A number of performance improvements to QuickBooks syncing functionality.

– If a customer and project name already exist in QuickBooks, when syncing from Projul, the customer and project will link with the existing customer as expected.

– Estimate Signatures will require a minimum amount of pixels to be valid for submission to help meet additional contract requirements.

– Time log notes remain open when other users clock in or out, as expected.

– Month view on mobile displays the project lines, start and end dates as expected.

– Performance improvements when loading the company pay period report.

– Performance improvements when sorting the photo gallery.

– Switching the markup type from a percentage to a dollar amount functions as expected.

– Hovering over the tax list shows the entire tax name.

– If an item already exists in QuickBooks, the cost line will find and match with the item that exists instead of showing a sync error.

– Payment alerts from Justifi are sent as expected.

– If no estimate is created and you mark a project as sold, it does not create a blank $0 dollar estimate.

– Performance improvements made when saving a project template.

– Performance improvements made to the project numbering system.

– If a customer in Projul has no first or last name, but rather a company name, the name shows as expected on the customer display of estimates and invoices.

– Performance improvements when sending an invoice email template.

– Company Logos appear on all past invoices as expected.

Build Notes 2.1.27

Posted on Monday, January 15th 2024


Introducing Projul’s payment center! This portal will allow you to easily track payments that have been made on your Projul invoices. This portal will show all payments from Justifi, payments synced from QuickBooks Online, and manually entered payments on your invoices. This provides one spot for you to see the status of payments, as well as provide refunds to your customer on payments made through Justifi. If you have any questions about the new payment center, please reach out to our support team.

Payment Center


–  If using a browser besides Google Chrome, you will get a pop-up encouraging you to download Chrome. Google Chrome has proven to be the best browser when operating Projul and the one a majority of customers use. Projul will be the most performant within this browser.


– Performance improvements when uploading photos in the comment channel. 

– Import name and description from an estimate line item functions as expected. 

– Display improvements on the “full admin” permissions profile. 

– When syncing an estimate with unsaved changes and the estimate attempts to sync to QuickBooks, a warning will display asking you to save the estimate.

– Performance improvements for the QuickBooks sync, including more accurate rounding of decimal points. 

– Export labor to tasks displays the tasks in the correct order on the scheduler page. 

– Items that have a $0 value on an estimate will not display on an itemized invoice display as expected. 

– Print preview and customer portal preview displays match as expected. 

– Performance improvements to several data exports including the leads export and customer export. 

– If an invoice header is created in the account settings, it will not be changed by the estimate header for the project. 

– After selecting a task or project to clock in to, the selector dropdown will close automatically as expected.

Build Notes 2.1.24

Posted on Tuesday, January 8th 2024


Updates to copy and paste addresses inside of Projul. There is now a quick option to copy addresses from anywhere they show inside of Projul allowing for faster navigation and eliminating the need to open an editor when copying. Check it out below!

Copy addresses from Projul


– Updates made to the tax field in Projul! You can now add up to 5 decimal places after the decimal point. This will match the precision of taxes inside of QBO. 

– After selecting a sort option on the photos and files page, the sort will stay in place for the remainder of your session inside of Projul. If you navigate away from the page, your selections will remain.

– You can now edit an invoice date inside Projul. If you need to update an invoice date after sending the invoice, you can now.
Edit Invoices in Projul

– When a project lead is moved into the sold status, the “project sold date” field of a project is automatically updated, unless the field already has been manually updated. 

– When exporting project data, a new field has been added to the export. You will now see an estimate total field, and a new field for “change order total”. This will allow you to quickly identify and analyze the difference between the original value of the project and any additions or adjustments through change orders.


– Consecutive day multi-tasks are showing connected as expected. 

– Performance improvements to sorting the calendar by time. 

– Second attempts to onboard with Justifi will submit as expected. 

– Performance improvements to the QuickBooks sync including: syncing payment dates as expected, invoice item descriptions syncing as expected, estimate line items ordering as expected, payments syncing and more!

– Edit button on a project follow up displays as expected. 

– Performance improvements when loading the photo gallery. 

– Display improvements on the project reports customer preview. 

– Deleting a payment updates the invoice status as expected. 

– Editing a proposal name changes the proposal card in the estimate screen view. 

– Leads displaying as expected on iPhone 13 Pro Max devices. 

– You can navigate in an estimate with the up and down arrow keys as expected. 

– Addresses display in the search results as expected. 

– Creating a project within an estimate functions as expected. 

– Time log reports export in the correct order. 

– Company Logos display on change orders as expected.

– Changing the name of a file functions as expected. 

– Performance improvements when filtering by a project. 

– Marking an invoice as paid updates the invoice status on the invoice card. 

– Estimate tax in the preview as customer displays as expected.

Build Notes 2.1.22

Posted on Tuesday January 2nd, 2024


Update to QuickBooks Online Sync! You can now select a cost of goods account inside of Projul’s list of expense accounts to select from! This will allow for more accurate accounting, and eliminate manual editing inside of QuickBooks.


– Update to Project Export CSV! When a project export is made, you can now see the following:

  • “Total selling price” (this is the entire value of the project including the estimate value, sales tax and change orders)
  • “Sales Tax”
  • “Total price minus sales tax”


– Performance improvements when loading data upon log-in.

– Moving line items into a new section updates cost totals as expected.

– Filtering an invoice by invoice number, that was created on the invoice screen, functions as expected.

– Deleting an estimate functions without needing to save and close the estimate first.

– Performance improvements when searching and filtering estimates by customer name in the search page.

– “Connection Lost” warning displays when connection is lost for over 20 seconds, and not momentary outages.

– Payment notifications from Justifi do not include processing fees, rather just the actual payment amount.

– Payment notifications show the cents included in the payment as expected.

Build Notes 2.5995

Posted on Wednesday Dec 27th, 2023


– Exciting updates made to the calendar view! On the calendar view, you will now have a toggle to “group consecutive multi-day events”. If a task spans multiple days, you will be able to easily see the tasks span multiple days. Check it out below!

Projul Multi-day Calendar View

– Additional keywords for estimate email templates! To add more personalization and eliminate more manual entry, you can now select the following as keywords to include in your estimate emails:

Inserts the name of the project associated with the estimate
Inserts the address of the project associated with the estimate
Inserts the full name of the estimator assigned to the estimate’s project
Inserts the estimator’s email address
Inserts the estimator’s phone number


– Updated notifications for Justifi payment notifications. You can enable notification for when a payment is rejected, processing, and completed. Check out the examples below and enjoy staying in the loop with all of your payments!

Payment Notifications with Projul

– On the calendar view, you can hide tasks from the calendar by using the “tasks” toggle in the item visibility section


– Performance improvements to editing project dates in the calendar view.

– Performance improvements when editing and saving tasks from the schedule page.

– After an estimate is approved, sending estimates when “require estimate approval” is on functions as expected.

– Performance improvements when creating invoices as a non-admin user.

– Several performance improvements to QuickBooks online sync.

– Performance improvements for payment notifications.

– Performance improvements when copying and pasting within Projul You can copy and paste notes without having to open the editor for project notes, time logs, lead info, and more!

– Attachments on an estimate open as expected.

– Selected filters on the day scheduler map view stay as selected after leaving the page.

– Performance improvements when loading gantt charts.

– When you have selected “display company name” for a customer, the company will show on the estimate header.

– Forward and back arrows function as expected when toggling through photos on an estimate.

– Performance improvements when saving invoices.

– Performance improvements when attaching logos to your estimates, invoices, and project reports.

– Filtering by project photos on a project functions as expected.

Build Notes 2.5994

Posted on Monday December 11th, 2023


– Get set up with our new payment processor Justifi! As we communicated earlier this week, WePay is shutting down, and Justifi will be the new integrated payment processor with Projul. 


  • WePay is going out of business. 
  • Projul has contracted a new payment processor (JustiFi).
  • To continue using payment processing through Projul, you will need to sign up with JustiFi before the end of December! 

Signing up with JustiFi will involve a simple, in-app process for submitting your company info and supporting documents. We will be prompting your company admin(s) in the Projul app for one of you to complete the JustiFi sign-up.

Justifi integration prompt


– Performance improvements to time tracking features. Improved clock in & clock out, and admin views for time tracking. 

– New project numbers are being created as expected.

– Cost lines update in templates after editing on the cost line management page and selecting “update costs in templates”.

– Editing the assigned user on an overdue, multi-day task functions as expected.

-Creating an estimate from an estimate meeting task creates and estimate number as expected. 

– Estimate report displays customer and project information as expected. 

– Performance improvements on the map view in the day scheduler and live map view. 

– Discounts apply to invoices as expected. 

– When selecting a project to associate to a task, completed, canceled and rejected projects do not display.

– When scheduling task for multiple days, selecting “schedule more days” creates a task for the next work day as expected. 

– Cost line descriptions copy from the estimate to the invoice as expected. 

– Drag and dropping line items from a subsection into another section functions as expected. The visibility toggles remain as previously selected. 

– Adding a task to the timeline view does not slide the timeline back to the start of the project, allowing for faster task creation from the projects page.

IMPORTANT: New Payment Processor

Posted on Tuesday December 5th, 2023

We are reaching out with important information regarding a significant change in payment processing services that will benefit your experience with us.


  • WePay is going out of business. 
  • Projul has contracted a new payment processor (JustiFi).
  • To continue using payment processing through Projul, you will need to sign up with JustiFi before the end of December! 
  • Signing up with JustiFi will involve a simple, in-app process for submitting your company info and supporting documents. We will be prompting your company admin(s) in the Projul app for one of you to complete the JustiFi sign-up

More details are available below.

End of Partnership with WePay

Firstly, we regret to inform you that WePay, our current payment processing partner, is ceasing its operations in 2024. Our contract with WePay concludes on January 10th, and consequently, we will no longer have payment processing service from WePay after this date. 

For those of you that love payment processing through WePay, we attempted to create an extension to our agreement. Unfortunately, because WePay is completely closing their business (they are not even transferring the WePay customer base to a Chase Bank alternative), they could not do that.

Welcoming JustiFi as Our New Partner

In light of this change, we are excited to announce our new partnership with JustiFi, a payment processing service provider that we expect to provide great reliability and support for your company.

Faster Processing

One of the biggest benefits of JustiFi will be payment processing speed. WePay has a standard payment processing window of 1 to 5 business days (1 to 2 for credit card and 3 to 5 for ACH), while JustiFi has a standard processing time of 1 to 3 business days (1 to 2 for credit card and 3 for ACH).

Surcharging Capability

Don’t worry, JustiFi offers the same capability for surcharging as you had in WePay, giving you continued flexibility in passing on those transaction costs for those of you residing in states that allow surcharging.

Seamless Transition and Support

Our team is committed to ensuring a seamless transition to JustiFi. We will provide all the necessary support and guidance during this changeover.

Next Steps – Getting Signed Up With JustiFi

The team has developed a simple process allowing you to sign up with JustiFi right in the Projul app. We will be prompting your company admin(s) in the Projul app to complete the sign up. This will involve submitting your company and banking info (along with some supporting documentation) to JustiFi. To ensure continuity in your payment processing capabilities, it is crucial to complete this registration promptly (before the end of December). Our team will be available to assist with any queries and to help you take full advantage of the new features that JustiFi offers.

Your Feedback Matters

Your satisfaction is our priority. If you have any concerns, questions, or need assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to our customer support team (+1 844-394-8541 or

Thank you for your continued partnership with Projul! We look forward to bringing you an enhanced payment processing experience with JustiFi.

Best regards,

Kurt Clayson
Projul Founder & CEO

Build Notes 2.5990

Posted on Monday December 4th, 2023


– Performance improvements when loading gantt charts, and associated tasks. 

– Performance improvements when clocking in from the homescreen. 

– Performance improvements in the lead pipeline for basic users. Counters in the pipeline are functioning as expected. 

– Performance improvements when opening the task editor. Improved loading speeds when editing. 

– Unpaid invoices displaying on the invoice page.

– “Actuals to date” field on the budget page displays as expected. 

– Addresses at the top of estimates displays as expected. 

– Clicking “see estimates” on a customer profile when searching displays all estimates for that customer as expected. 

– Cost lines and items display in the same order they do on the estimate editor screen when using the print preview. 

– After adding an employee to a task, the search field resets so you can easily add more employees to that task. 

– Performance improvements on the estimate page. Navigating between the estimate and budget page is faster and has improved load times. Saving templates is also faster. 

– When adding project notes, the cursor starts at the bottom of the text box making it easier to add new notes to a project. 

– Associating a customer to an estimate functions as expected.

Build Notes 2.5989

Posted on Monday November 27th, 2023


Update to the cost template page! You can now toggle on or off the columns in the cost template page. This update allows you to see the most relevant information you’re looking for when managing costs. In the top right of the template screen you will see a drop down for the toggles you would like to display. Check it out below!

Cost Line Column Visibility toggle


– When adding a task, and the task is unscheduled and unassigned, the “continue editing” prompt functions as expected.

– Photos do not save to the device’s camera roll, unless the device is offline and photos can not make it to the cloud.

– Clock-in Overdue reminders function as expected.

– Sorting by project type in the lead pipeline functions as expected.

– Changing the “public” toggle on a photo to off, functions as expected.

– Performance improvements to the drag and drop line item function on an iPad.

– Splitting a time log does not clock out the assigned worker if they are currently clocked in.

Build Notes 2.5985

Posted on Monday November 20th, 2023


– When adding a cost line, there is now a field for “price for customer”. This will allow better visibility, to what the final price will be after a markup is applied to a cost line.

Cost Template with default price for customer

– Improved clarity when saving new cost lines in the cost line editor. After adding a cost, you will have the option to “save and close”, making it very easy to see what has been saved.

Save and close, cost editor

– Display improvements on the cost line page! The cost item name field will now expand when you add a long cost item name. This makes the page much easier to navigate and makes finding all your cost lines much easier.

Expanded Item Names


– Performance improvements to the schedule page.

– Filtering by date in the estimate sales report is working as expected.

–  Addresses in the lead pipeline are displaying as expected.

– Clicking on an alert for a comment takes you to the comment channel as expected.

– Performance improvements to the search function. 

– Filtering for a lead on-hold functions as expected.

– Filters in the lead pipeline maintain filtered when switching status in the pipeline. 

– Performance improvements when taking pictures.

– Employees display in alphabetical order when assigning a task. 

– Performance improvements on the contractor list screen on the mobile app. 

– Performance improvements when closing schedule and calendar pages. 

– Copy email button functions as expected when sending an estimate. 

– After a supervisor approves an estimate, the employee can send an estimate as expected. 

– Previous project names display when adding a new project for that customer.

– Invoice dates display as expected after sending. 

– Time logs load into the project budget as expected.


Build Notes 2.5981

Posted on Monday November 13th, 2023


– When selecting a project in the time logs page, task editor, photos page or other places the project name appears, the project number will be there also. This allows for better visibility into Projects and makes it easier to find the project you are looking for!

Project numbers in time logs


– Performance improvements to the schedule page.

– Filtering by date in the estimate sales report is working as expected.

–  Addresses in the lead pipeline are displaying as expected.

– Clicking on an alert for a comment takes you to the comment channel as expected.

– Performance improvements to the search function. 

– Filtering for a lead on-hold functions as expected.

– Filters in the lead pipeline maintain filtered when switching status in the pipeline. 

– Performance improvements when taking pictures.

– Employees display in alphabetical order when assigning a task. 

– Performance improvements on the contractor list screen on the mobile app. 

– Performance improvements when closing schedule and calendar pages. 

– Copy email button functions as expected when sending an estimate. 

– After a supervisor approves an estimate, the employee can send an estimate as expected. 

– Previous project names display when adding a new project for that customer.

– Invoice dates display as expected after sending. 

– Time logs load into the project budget as expected.


Build Notes 2.5951

Posted on Monday October 30th, 2023



– Big performance improvements to Projul Version 2! With this update, data loading across the entire app is faster and more performant than ever before. When initially loading, Projul will primarily download active and future projects. You will still be able to access older projects, estimates, and all other data by searching for those projects in the search field. 


– Filtering by an employee from the estimates screen, functions as expected

– When working on the time log page, data displays as expected

– Invoice dates display as expected after sending the invoice to a customer

– Filtering by tags in the lead pipeline functions as expected

– You can now add a time log manually without clocking out a currently clocked in employee

– Rejecting a lead from the lead editor functions as expected

– A customer’s phone number appears on the search page as expected

– Sorting by a sales rep/estimator functions as expected in the lead pipeline.

– The search page displays with proper capitalization

– Estimate headers in the estimate report display as expected

– After editing costs in the cost management page, non-saved items inside of an estimate template remain in the template as expected.

– Selecting a new date on the calendar view displays tasks as expected

– Company logo on invoices display as expected

– Images added to comment channels are displaying when editor is closed

– Performance improvements to search page

– Agenda view on an iPad defaults to today’s date as expected

– Cost templates show as deleted without having to refresh the page

– Computer cursor shows on the item names and description when typing in the name of a cost

– Performance improvements to sending messages in the comments channel

– Hyperlinks inside of text editors function as expected

– Edit options on recursive tasks function as expected

– When selecting a time log, the tasks associated to the project appear after the project is selected

– Project permission views function as expected

– Searching by customer name in time logs functions as expected

– Performance improvements when scrolling on the estimate status filter on the mobile app

– Estimate names persist after an estimate template has been applied

– Visual display improvement on task cards for employees names to show as expected

– Changing a project address will also change the associated task address as expected

– Navigating in the comment channel photos with the arrow keys on the keyboard functions as expected

– After a tax is deleted, it will no longer show in settings or as an option on new invoices

– Performance improvements when scrolling through the project list on an estimate or invoice editor

– Actuals and expenses on the bottom of an estimate editor display as expected

– After recording an inbound call, the option for “Did you answer” displays as expected

– Estimate discounts display as expected on the customer preview of an invoice

Build Notes 2.5913

Posted on Monday October 16th, 2023


– Invoices are showing the correct status, as expected

– Printing using the chrome browser works as expected

– Performance improvements when dragging and dropping line items out of subsections and into sections. Visibility toggles function as expected when this change is made.

– Display fix for wrapped text inside the lead pipeline

– Gantt charts display on mobile app as expected

– Performance improvements when sending estimates to customers using the next action button and sending from a company’s email client. Live links are displayed as expected.

– Line items display in the print preview in the order they are in on the estimate editor screen.

– Logging an “in-person” communication from the lead pipeline functions as expected.

Build Notes 2.5902

Posted on Tuesday October 10th, 2023


– Improved visibility and clarity when selecting line items to add on an estimate! Expanded view to capture the whole name of an item in the dropdown. Check it out below!

– Performance improvements to viewing photos in the app. Thumbnails load faster and match the resolution of the photo that was uploaded.


– Performance improvements to the search page.

– Scrolling through cost line templates from within an estimate functions as expected.

– Task cards display as expected when scrolling on the scheduler page.

– Searching by the project number works on the time log page as expected.

– Filtering by employee from the calendar page works as expected.

– Performance improvements made to scrolling through photos on the mobile app.

Build Notes 2.5899

Posted on Tuesday October 3rd, 2023


– Performance improvements when applying a cost item template.

– Performance improvements when scrolling through photos on the mobile app.

– Converting estimates to tasks when an estimate section is blank functions as expected.

– Performance improvements to syncing with QuickBooks. Bulk syncing items function as expected.

– “Don’t show again” prompts function as expected.

– Eyeball toggles on an estimate function as expected.

– QuickBooks sync settings remain as selected when saved.

– Saving and applying estimate section templates function as expected.

– 1build items on an invoice display as expected.

– Improvements to uploading photos from the photo gallery on android devices.

Build Notes 2.5897

Posted on Thursday September 28th, 2023

Keep your costs up-to-date and accurate faster than ever! After adding a line item from 1build, you can save that item into your system for future use as a template. Now, you will have the option to update costs with the most recent updates inside of 1build’s database by clicking “Update 1build Prices”. This automatically updates those prices and keeps your cost database and templates up to date with any material or labor rate changes!

Improved collaboration between users in your company! If you have an editor open and another user makes a change to that document, you will now be prompted and warned to prevent overwriting someone else’s changes, and allow you to ensure nothing is lost due to someone else’s unsaved changes.


When you are using a mobile device or web browser in low service or bad connection areas, you will now see a banner at the top of your screen warning you that loading speeds may be decreased. You will also receive warnings when your device is not connected at all to the internet.


– When searching for projects in timelogs, you can now search by project number making it easier to find the project you are looking for! 

– On an estimate, when adding a line item, only two decimal places will show. If you need to add additional decimal points to those items, you will be able to add up to four points.


– Project sliding functions as expected.

– Italic text on line items displays properly on estimates and invoices. 

– Change orders will not be sent to customers without a prompt to save the change order.

– Improvements made to creating invoices straight from estimates. 

– General improvements made to fix performance speed in the app, especially on the following pages: Time tracking, dropdowns, and selectors. 

– On the cost-line templates page, you can now add decimals without adding a whole number first. 

– Dollar markups on line items are displaying as expected. 

– Removing estimate sections functions as expected.

– Improved performance on saving estimates and save and closing estimates. 

– Task list display on Ipads functions as expected.

Build Notes 2.5893

Posted on Tuesday September 19th, 2023

Introducing an updated integration with 1build! This update includes an additional 600,000+ line items to the live cost database, a new user interface, direct links to suppliers websites, and much more! Check out the video below to see the updates.


If you receive a notification, or click on an old notification from a project that was deleted, you will now be notified that the task or project has been deleted and shown when it was removed. This will improve clarity and communication between your team, and ensure you are working with the most accurate updates.


– Invoice, proposal, and project numbers match when a new project is created. 

– Improvements made to the search feature on the mobile app.

– Marked up costs are displayed on the estimate as expected.

– Eyeball toggles for the line items of an estimate are working as expected.

– When applying a saved estimate template, the pre-saved quantities are applied as they were saved. 

– Customer portal views for estimates are displaying the estimated value as expected.

Build Notes 2.5884

Posted on Thursday September 15th, 2023


New Font update! Consistent, clean and modern font updates to improve Projul’s user interface! This new font allows data to be viewed easier, especially on an estimate and in the lead pipeline.  Check it out below!


– When using the search page, you can now use the “See in [page]” option to navigate the app.

– Improvements to the search bar results, more accurately displaying the information when searched for. 

– Filtering in the mobile app task list functions as expected. 

– Performance improvements to the scheduler views. Initial data loads quicker and making changes responds faster. 

– Improvements made to the automatic quickbooks sync in V2 including the improvements made to automatic sync schedules and timing. 

– The estimate report displays data as expected.

– Users are able to change text color in email templates as expected. 

– Only users with QuickBooks syncing permissions, who initiate a sync, will see the syncing progress bar in their account. 

– Overdue payments are showing on invoice cards as expected.

– When applying templates to estimates, section templates will display in the order they were saved in as expected.

– When adding a company logo from the gallery view, the entire image displays in the thumbnail as expected. 

– Improvements made to the global filter function on the mobile app. 

– Improvements made to the display and interface of the “default tax” icon in company settings. 

Build Notes 2.5863

Posted on Thursday September 7th, 2023


Update to v2 time log syncing with QuickBooks! You can now bulk sync time logs into QuickBooks from the time log screen. With one click, sync all your time for the selected pay period.

– If a customer in Projul and QuickBooks has the same first and last name but are from a different company, you can now sync that customer into QuickBooks and it will create a separate customer.


– Improved performance to the mobile experience. Loading tasks and other data is happening faster when initially opening the app. Additional performance improvements on both mobile and desktop will continue to be released.

– Project start and end dates are visible from the agenda view on mobile devices.

– When syncing with QuickBooks, the progress bar showing sync status is updating as expected.

– When creating a new cost line template, the default income and expense account for QuickBooks syncing displays on the template.

– Users’ default pay rates are functioning as expected when tracking time from tasks.

– Improvements to dragging and dropping cost lines from one estimate section into another.

– When working from inside the Project editor, you can click to see the project report and it will open as expected.

– When you add a labor item to an estimate that is measured by something other than hours (SQFT, LF, Unit), it shows as the correct unit of measure on the project budget/job costing page.

– Saving a material item as a template from 1build functions as expected

– Display update made to the location tracking setting.

– After selecting a photo on a mobile device, improvements were made to allow you to swipe down to close the photo.

– Display update when opening an invoice from the 3-dot menu editor, it closes after the invoice opens.

– Display update for the “help us help you” feedback button.

– Display updates to the “lead source” selector in the project editor.

– Display update to the drop down arrow in the project editor.

Build Notes 2.5832

Posted on Thursday August 24th, 2023


 Additional options when adding discounts to your estimates or invoices. You can now create percentage discounts in your estimates in addition to dollar amounts. Let Projul do the math when calculating a percentage discount on your estimates, invoices, or change orders.

Eliminate dual entry and track discounts easier than ever before! Introducing our QuickBooks sync for discounts. This sync will allow discounts to be appropriately tracked in your Quickbooks account without manually entering them onto your invoices or estimates.


Improved clarity with discounts! Discounts that have been added to estimates or change orders now display as being from the specific document the discount was added from. (ex. A discount added to the estimate is displayed as “Estimate Discount”)

Track cost data more accurately. When you add an item from 1build, the state and county of the information are saved to the line item.


– More clarity when switching between pages for what needs to be saved

– Change order numbering system works as expected

– Changing a customer on a project works as expected

– Photos added into the description and pricing section of estimates now scale as expected.

– Adding a labor item to an estimate will not pull up the material cost dropdown

– Improvements made to lead capture sync from websites. The company name of customers is added to Projul as expected. 

– Project types are added to project tags as expected

– When sorting a time log report by date, data displays in the proper order

 – Improvements made to display of task names regardless of the length of the name.

Build Notes 2.5821

Posted on Friday August 18th, 2023


Help us help you! At Projul we take customer feedback very seriously and want to constantly improve the performance and experience for our loyal customers. Introducing the “Help us help you” feedback button. On your mobile device or computer, click on the prompt at the bottom of every page and submit feedback or requests straight to our support team. This feedback gets documented and helps us better identify areas of the app we can help with!


Updates to Projul’s Integration with 1build! You can now add 1build items directly into subsections of an estimate. This gives you more control of how you display cost lines with the most up-to-date information available.

When adding an assembly to your estimate from 1build, the unit of measure (ex. SQFT or LF) for labor items matches that of material. Save tons of time, and money by using this tool to accurately measure labor and material for your projects!


Overall improvements made to the scheduling views including the following

  • Faster loading times across the schedule views
  • Improved data syncing speeds across devices and different users
  • Smoother drag and drop scheduling process
Build Notes 2.1.2354

Posted on Monday August 7th, 2023


– Our #1 requested integration is now live in Projul V2! Introducing 1build live cost data now available in Projul.

  • Know what to charge. Get fast, accurate labor and material costs for your estimates. 1build pulls the most recent data points from all over the country so you are getting the most up-to-date pricing for your area.
  • Save loads of time and effort. No more calling or driving around to get updated pricing for your estimates!
  • Instant access to 68 million live construction data points! Including costs local to your area.
  • Accurate and up-to-date construction materials, labor, equipment, and assembly costs.
  • Streamlined estimating by inserting cost items directly into your estimates. Way less typing!
  • Be more profitable with accurate pricing data.
  • Elimination of cost overruns and improved bidding confidence.

Check out this video to learn more about 1build!

– Keep track of costs and better understand expenses at all stages of your project!

Start tracking project expenses even if you don’t have a project budget created first. You can now add additional expenses to the job costing page without having an estimate created first.


– Save alerts have been updated to notify you when you have multiple editors open and unsaved changes have been made within your Projul account.

Projul now allows for 4 decimal places to be added when adding costs and quantities to an estimate. This is especially helpful when using assemblies within    Projul and you are wanting to enter a certain price for an item without the quantity being affected.


-Improvements were made to the saving feature to ensure most current data is being safely stored across all devices.

-When syncing payments with Quickbooks the date of the payment displays as expected.

-When editing lead details, the “time in status” in the lead pipeline functions as expected.

Build Notes 2.1.2158

Posted on Monday, July 7th, 2023


-Improve customer communications, professionalism with estimates, and ease of use with Projul’s new discount feature!

Create and save standard discounts like “Veterans Discount”, “Holiday Sale”, or “Referal Discount” and then easily apply them to your estimates. This makes tracking and presenting discounts a simple and pain-free process.

Check out this video to see how the discounts feature works inside of Projul.

Applying templates to your estimate has never been easier! When creating an estimate, you have a new option to add an estimate section template from the main estimate editor. Start Building estimates faster today!

Adding section templates


When editing a project or lead, you now have better access and visibility to customer information within the editor. Quickly access phone numbers, addresses, or other important information!

When logging in to Projul, a loading indicator has been added to show you when all your data has been securely brought down from the cloud.


– All the buttons in the project editor screen function as expected.

Improvements made to the task card menu buttons from the schedule page.

Editing project notes works as expected.

Improvements made to the job costing page performance.

Filtering by photo, file, and project tags works as expected

Improvements made to the estimate assemblies editor. Updating assembly units properly updates section prices.

[Important] Projul Version 2 – Upgrade beginning this month!

Posted on Monday, March 13th, 2023
Dear Projul customers,

We are excited to announce the release of our all-new Projul Version 2! Our development team has been working overtime for months to build V2, and we will begin migrating customers (in phases) to this new version this month.

We will notify you in the app within the next several weeks when your company will be migrated to V2. At that time you will be prompted to re-login to your account using your existing username and password. For mobile app users, you will also be prompted to download and install the new mobile app before signing in. QuickBooks integration users will need to connect their QuickBooks account to V2.

Some of the new features and improvements you can expect to see in the initial V2 release include:

  • All new and improved high-performance backend
  • High-performance native mobile app
  • Faster and more stable overall experience
  • Near-instant data sync between devices
  • Improved and faster QuickBooks integration
  • New scheduler with improved controls
  • Easier and smarter user permissions
  • Enhanced Gantt chart functionality
  • Estimate and invoice discounts
  • New photo markup tools
  • New communications center
  • New notifications center
  • Numerous other enhancements and performance improvements

The user interface of this initial release has been designed to feel very familiar to our current app to minimize confusion and keep you working efficiently.

We appreciate your continued support of Projul, and we hope that you will love the new features and improvements in Version 2. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us at +1 844-394-8541 or .


Projul Team

P.S. In case you’re curious about what’s coming after the V2 release, below is a list of some of the exciting features that are already designed for development and implementation over the next several months!

  • Customizable alerts, including reminders
  • Enhanced customer portal
  • Purchase orders
  • Selections for estimates
  • Estimates and invoices redesign and upgrade
  • Implementation of JustiFi: an alternative payment processor option to WePay
  • Implementation of 1Build: real-time, local cost data (paid 3rd party feature)
  • And much much more!

Build Notes 1.4.5473

Posted on Monday Dec 5th, 2022


  • Communicating with customers just became even easier! We know that both your schedule and your customers schedule’s are extremely busy, and ensuring everyone is kept in the loop of communication is a challenge. Now, when you or your customer sends a message in the customer communications channel, the Project Manager on each job and the customer receive an email notification that a comment has been made. No matter where you are, or what device you are on, you can be tied into all customer conversations.


  • We have made an adjustment to estimate templates. You can now create templates with customer estimate fields! If you have specific requirements for an estimate like federal ID numbers, specific estimator info, or any other custom field, these can be built into your templates. Eliminate dual entry and get your estimates turned around even faster.


  • Adding cost lines and material categories from the cost line management page functions as expected. (7523)
  • General improvements to clocking in and out from mobile devices. (7603)