It’s no secret that QuickBooks is the main player in accounting software, but should you use QuickBooks for construction? Can you reasonably run your business operations out of a system that is set up for bookkeeping and accounting purposes? This article will explore the features QuickBooks provides, but may also be lacking when considering software needed for running a construction company.

What is QuickBooks and how does it work?

Let’s First explore what QuickBooks does that can benefit a construction. According to the QuickBooks page ““What is QuickBooks and How does it Work?” They list the following features and tools that relate to construction

  • Estimates
  • Invoices
  • Payment Processing
  • Expenses
  • Sales Tax
  • Payroll
  • Inventory

Many construction companies use QuickBooks to create and send estimates, send invoices and collect payments, run payroll, and track expenses. These tools allow for financial tracking and reporting. By using these features, a contractor can have an understanding of the income and expenses, and make financial decisions based on this information. However, to take your construction company to the next level, consider using a specialized construction management tool in tandem with QuickBooks.

How to get the most out of QuickBooks for Construction?

The quick answer…. Pair it with construction management software that integrates with QuickBooks. QuickBooks, a comprehensive accounting and reporting tool, is favored across various industries for its robust features. Although not specifically designed for the construction sector, its integration with specialized construction management software like Projul unlocks unparalleled benefits for construction management.

Enhancements in Estimates and Change Orders

QuickBooks revolutionizes estimate creation by presenting clear, itemized proposals, enhancing transparency and understanding for clients. However, to elevate the estimation process further, pairing QuickBooks with Projul offers a seamless solution. Projul allows for detailed job costing and streamlined estimate presentation, ensuring contractors profit from every job without overwhelming clients with excessive details.

Moreover, while QuickBooks sets character limits in certain sections of estimates to maintain clarity, integrating with Projul simplifies contract management. Projul’s compatibility with QuickBooks means contracts and estimates are more cohesive, accelerating the approval process and eliminating the need for multiple documents.

Addressing the challenge of change orders, QuickBooks ensures accurate documentation, but with Projul, tracking and managing these orders becomes even more efficient. This combination reduces liability and prevents profit loss by keeping change orders well-documented and approved promptly.

Streamlined Payment Processing

QuickBooks offers swift payment collection directly through invoices, a convenience that, when paired with Projul, becomes even more cost-effective. Projul’s innovative solution to handle processing fees—by automatically passing them to the customer—ensures businesses can maintain their bottom line without manual adjustments or absorbing additional costs.

Scheduling & Project Management Excellence

While QuickBooks alone offers limited tools for scheduling and project management, the integration with Projul fills this gap splendidly. Projul extends QuickBooks’ functionality into a comprehensive suite of project management tools. This integration facilitates detailed project timelines, efficient scheduling, and enhanced team communication, all within a system that syncs perfectly with QuickBooks.

The Sync between QuickBooks and Projul

The collaboration between QuickBooks and Projul creates an awesome solution for construction management. This powerful combination allows for professional, detailed estimates with attached contracts, streamlined payment processing that syncs with QuickBooks invoices, and a robust set of project management tools.

Projul’s two-way sync with QuickBooks not only overcomes traditional limitations but also enhances efficiency and profitability. It empowers construction teams to work with software tailored for their industry’s needs while ensuring financial records are accurate and up-to-date.

Discover how Projul can transform your construction management practices, making your team more efficient and significantly more profitable by leveraging the strengths of QuickBooks integration. For more information, schedule a demo, or check out this page!