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Helping our customers nail it.

What Drives Us

Our mission at Projul is simple; giving small to mid-sized construction companies the tools they need to be successful. Few construction companies fail because of poor building practices. Instead, it’s a result of bad business processes and poor pricing.

Maybe leveraging data to build forecasts & make predictions isn’t your cup of tea, but that’s exactly what floats our boat.

“Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy – both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.”

Michael Scott

Our Story

Projul didn’t get by mistake. Instead, it’s a culmination of decades of learning, building, and problem-solving.

In early 1996 several of our founders met and realized they shared a passion for solving big customer problems. Almost immediately they began working to solve serious business process problems. Their resulting solutions redefined how business was done, saving millions in labor.

These relationships spanned 4+ companies and nearly 25 years, making Projul not only a possibility but a reality.

The Long Road to Projul


Our core set of founders met and spent nearly two decades solving complex business problems for Boeing, saving the company many millions.


Our team built cloud-based computer deployment applications to save users and administrators untold hours.


We made computer management 1-click simple, managing your operating systems,  apps and all your data with the snap of a finger.


Our founder spent years consulting for Pacific Northwest construction companies, solving business problems & giving them insights to scale.


Enter Projul, a culmination of years of experience in software, problem-solving, and construction. Grow your business and start raking in the efficiencies (and cash).

The Projul Platform

The Projul platform is built around a core set of closely connected functionalities. Our team is not driven by individual features, instead, we are focused on the functionality needed to run your business efficiently and “make your ship go faster”. Learn more about Projul features


Get started with a trial and see how Projul can work for you.

Built on Logic

Building a successful construction company takes experience, knowledge, and insights. Projul is built on industry best practices in communication, estimating and project scheduling. As a result, we enable your company to manage its costs and pricing accordingly.

We worked with several success customers, tuning Projul’s CRM, Task Management and Scheduling to fire on all cylinders.

Mobile First

Projul was a “mobile-first” design effort so customers using it in the field will be efficient, effective and happy.

We know how important it is for your team to seamlessly work between calendars and tasks while keeping in communication.

That’s why we’ve made using Projul on your mobile device as easy as pie.

Focused on Profit

Projul is focused on providing customers the tools and processes that enable them to make their business profitable.

We’ve mastered the art of converting leads and estimates to booked jobs, and we’re passionate about sharing this knowledge with everyone, paying customer or not 😉

Book more estimates, and book them faster.

Booking leads isn’t magic, but when using Projul it really feels like it. After leveraging Projul’s features in connecting with your leads, you’ll see them convert to estimates at a rate you’ve never experienced before.

Projul puts valuable at-a-glance information right in front of you. For example, you’ll never wonder what percentage of your leads are converting to estimates as it’s right in the Sales Pipeline for you to see.

We know all the distractions you face and how important it is answer that next call from a potential customer. So answer those calls, Projul will be right here remembering right where you left off and steering you towards your next task in making your business run like it should.

Figure 2: At-a-glance lead to estimate conversion information right here!

Make your pipeline work for you.

Knowing what to do next and making critical decisions for your business is easy if you have all the information you need.

Projul is constantly looking at the “right now”, the “what’s next” and “what’s hiding around the corner” giving you a continual pulse of your companies health. Decisions are only tough when you don’t have the information you need. Projul puts that all in front of you.

Every part of the customer process is important; identifying leads, managing and turning those leads into estimates, booking those estimates, and booking the job. This is why Projul manages and tracks all these stages, putting all that information right in front of you. Without even running a report you can see what stage could use a little more attention.

Managing all these stages and not just firefighting the latest problem will really improve the efficiency (and profitability) of your company.

Figure 3: Projul CRM Lead Funnel – Live data without having to run a report!

“Construction is hard. I spent years building and scaling more than one construction company. I feel your pain.

In a parallel life I spent even more years building software and assembling an amazing software development team of talented and driven people.

We love automation, organization, and efficiency. Pairing these two worlds was an inevitability.”


CEO and Founder of Projul

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