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  • Lead and customer management driven by our construction specific Sales Pipeline, built on business practices helps book 50% more jobs.
  • Innovative Project Timelines that help you easily manage everything project related. Easily organize Photos and Documents modify schedules and refer to estimates and change orders. 
  • In-app estimating that keeps your projects organized and in sync with your accounting. Quickly create estimates from company used materials and default labor items, while being able to apply change orders in seconds. 

What Operation Managers are saying...

  • I’m now at a point where I don’t know how I ever functioned without Projul!

    Dispatching my crew with Projul’s schedule and tracking job progress through the Project Timelines saves me 3+ Hours and dozens of phone calls every single day.

Jack E, Operations Manager, Boars Head Construction

Slide - Projul Project Timelines

What Project Managers are saying...

  • I’m more efficient than ever before with Projul storing all my tasks and project info.

  • I can see estimates, photos and job schedules in one place, organized and accessable anywhere.

  • I used to depend on memory alone but as we grew, the spreadsheets got out of hand.

Julie B, Project Manager, Sound Tile & Grout

Slide - Sales Pipeline

What a Director of Operations has to say...

  • Using Projul we eliminated tens of thousands in lost revenue using Projul change orders!

    Having Projul’s in app estimating has cut out 2-3 hours per remodel estimate we send out. We also can easily reclaim changes in project scope using Projul’s simple change orders.

Stephan F, Dir of Operations, Sound Construction

Slide - Monthly schedule filtered

What a seasoned field worker has to say...

  • I’ve been waiting for something like this since I started construction 14 years ago!

  • I always know where I’m headed and who’s the lead on my job.

  • I can send pictures for clarification and get answers right away.

David J, Contractor, DJS Construction

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