In the last 10-20 years, our world has shifted away from paper and toward technology. From your fingertips, you can access the weather, news, banking information, order food, and do so much more! Why should managing construction projects be any different? In this post, we will discuss how using a construction app can take your company to the next level and allow you to manage your projects and company data from anywhere!

Why Mobile Apps Matter in Construction

First, let’s see why construction apps are such a big deal these days.

Back in the day, managing construction projects meant juggling between being on-site, shuffling through tons of paperwork, and making endless phone calls. But now, we have mobile construction apps that make everything much easier and organized, even if you’re not at the construction site.

These apps let you see what’s going on with your project in real time, chat with your team quickly, and make decisions on the go. The result? More work is completed, better communication and fewer mistakes occur. Companies that have switched to digital platforms have reported saving anywhere from 1-4 hours per employee, PER DAY. That is a huge jump in efficiency and allows companies to do more with less manpower!

A construction company that uses construction apps can scale effectively, keep customers satisfied, and leave their competition in the dust. To learn more about how construction apps can help your company, check out this page.

Meet Projul: The Ultimate Construction App

Projul isn’t your average construction app. It’s a complete construction management tool that covers everything you need for any construction project.

Projul is perfect for anyone involved in construction, whether you’re managing multiple projects, working with specialty contractors handling various tasks, or a worker on the job site.

Most mobile apps for construction are limited and require you to do most of your work at a desk behind a computer. Not Projul! In addition to our desktop app, we have created a full-featured mobile app that allows you to manage projects on job sites, in customer meetings, and anywhere else your schedule may take you!

As a former construction company, we know the importance of being able to access projects from anywhere, especially on a mobile device. Managing a construction business is made simple by using one of the best construction apps in the industry: Projul!

Learn more about Projul by scheduling a live demo with our team!

Projul: The Key to Easy Project Management

1. Track Your Projects Live:

With Projul, you can watch your project as it happens. Track resources, how tasks are coming along, and even how much time your team spends on each job. Knowing what’s going on lets you make smart decisions to keep things moving forward. Construction managers love the ability to access photos from the field team, see project data, and ensure that all the details of a project are being properly tracked!

2. Communicate With Your Team Easily:

Projul helps your team stay connected. Send messages, give out tasks, and share files right in the app. This keeps everyone on the same page and avoids confusion. Construction management apps take communication to the next level, and ensure construction teams stay on the same page!

3. Stay On Top Of Tasks:

Projul makes it simple to hand out tasks. Assign jobs to your team, set priorities, and keep an eye on how things are going. You can even set permission to make the mobile app extremely simple and easy to use for your team in the field. Let’s face it, we are in the construction industry not the tech industry. One of the key features of Projul is reducing the complexity of a construction project, into simple and manageable tasks for the team working on their mobile devices.

4. Plan Your Resources:

With Projul’s project planning features, you can predict what resources you’ll need and manage them wisely. This cuts down on waste and keeps your project running smoothly. Construction professionals rely on Projul to schedule their projects and crews without having to physically be on every job site.

5. All The Reports You Need:

Projul has awesome reporting features. From full project reports to individual task reports, you can look at every part of your project, find any issues, and make things better. While on the go, Projul can create reports and keep your site managers up to date with the latest project progress.

Control Your Construction Project With Projul

We use mobile apps for everything, from managing our money to ordering food. So, why not use one for construction, too? With Projul, you get more than just an app; you get a tool that can completely change how you manage construction projects, making them easier and more efficient.

As a construction professional, your time is super important. Don’t waste it trying to handle everything yourself, chasing down info, or fixing misunderstandings. Let Projul do the hard work for you. Use this all-in-one construction app to manage your project from anywhere, easily and efficiently.

Projul is the construction app everyone’s been waiting for, made just for the challenges construction projects bring. Learn more about how Projul’s construction management app helps construction companies take their project management to the next level!

Learn how Projul can help your company become more efficient and manage your projects from anywhere by scheduling a live demo!

Learn how Projul can help your company become more efficient and manage your projects from anywhere by scheduling a live demo!

Frequently asked questions 

What features are important to consider when looking for the ideal construction app?

When looking for the best construction apps, you should look for features that help you efficiently manage and monitor your projects. This includes real-time project tracking, efficient task management, seamless communication, resource planning, and comprehensive reporting. A great construction app, like Projul, should provide all these features and more, allowing you to take full control of your projects from anywhere.

Time tracking, field reports, and other construction project management features are other things to look for that the best apps will have.

To learn how else Projul can benefit your construction company, check out this page! 

What types of devices can I use Projul on?

Projul’s app is designed to be versatile and user-friendly. It’s compatible with a wide range of devices, including smartphones and tablets, and works seamlessly on both iOS and Android devices and platforms. This ensures that you can manage your projects no matter what device you or your team prefer.

No matter the device, you can bring your construction sites right to your fingertips!

What type of companies use Projul's mobile app?

Projul’s mobile app is used by a wide variety of companies in the construction industry. This includes general contractors, subcontractors, project managers, and tradespeople. From small businesses managing a single project to large corporations overseeing multiple projects simultaneously, Projul offers solutions that cater to all sizes and types of construction companies. It is one of the best apps a contractor can have on their mobile devices.

How can using a construction app like Projul help my company?

Using a construction app like Projul can significantly improve your company’s efficiency and productivity. With real-time project tracking, you can monitor progress and make quick decisions. Efficient task management ensures that tasks are delegated and tracked effectively. Seamless communication within the app keeps your team connected and aligned. Resource planning helps manage resources wisely, reducing waste. Finally, comprehensive reporting allows you to analyze every aspect of your project and implement improvements. All these features help streamline operations, save time, reduce costs, and ultimately increase your company’s profitability.

Projul brings all your tools into one place. From photos, construction calculators, time tracking, estimating, invoicing, scheduling and so much more! When looking through contractor apps, Projul is truly one of the great construction apps. Learn more here!