Easy Estimating: 3 Simple Ways Projul Helps in Construction Quotes

Getting the numbers right for a construction job is crucial, and nobody knows this better than those of us who have been in the trenches. With our background as construction contractors, we understand the challenges of estimating and the importance of accuracy. That’s where Projul comes in – a tool that revolutionizes estimating, making it easier and more reliable. Here’s a closer look at how it helps, based on our hands-on experience in the field.

1. Keeping Track of and Communicating Change Order Costs

In our time on the job, we’ve seen how quickly costs can spiral and how clients can become frustrated if charges are not monitored closely and approved. Projul changes the game by making it simple to add and track costs and change orders. Whether it’s the rising cost of materials or unforeseen problems, Projul tracks it all and allows you to keep your clients on the same page, avoiding final payment surprises. This real-time tracking keeps you on budget and profitable on every job. Plus, the ability to reference past projects gives us a historical perspective – something we’ve found to be very important when preparing new proposals. It’s like having a simple financial roadmap for every project and it is easy to communicate and obtain approval of any evolving costs with your customers.

2. Seeing the Big Picture

As former construction workers, we know that estimating isn’t just about the numbers – it’s about understanding the entire scope of a project. Projul excels in giving you this complete picture. It shows how long tasks will take, how many hands you’ll need on deck, and when materials need to be on site. This combined view has been a game-changer for construction management, allowing for more accurate and realistic estimates. It helps us anticipate potential issues and plan accordingly, reducing the risk of costly surprises down the line.

3. Clear Quotes for Customers

When it comes to winning bids and building client trust, clarity is key. Projul helps create quotes that are straightforward and professional – something our clients appreciate. As former construction contractors, we know how important it is to present information in a way that’s easy for clients to grasp. Projul’s breakdowns show clients exactly what they are paying for, fostering transparency and trust. This clarity has not only helped us win more jobs but also build lasting relationships with our clients. On the other hand, Projul also has the unique ability to maintain itemized estimates with full job costing while still providing the option to only send your clients summarized estimates without itemization for times when you want to keep your proposals simple to view for your customers!


In the construction business, accurate estimates are the bedrock of success. With our experience as a construction company, we’ve seen firsthand how Projul makes estimating and jobs more efficient, reliable, and profitable. It takes the guesswork out of the equation, allowing you to focus on what you do best – building and creating. With Projul, we’ve been able to streamline our estimating process, keep our clients happy, and run our projects with confidence. Check out our Estimating Page on our website.


Projul’s Estimating Feature: Frequently Asked Questions

What Estimating capabilities set Projul apart from other softwares?
  • Powerful Estimate Templating that Makes Estimating Fast
  • Easy Change Orders to Keep Jobs Profitable and Customers on the Same Page
  • Quick Client Approvals with Digital Signatures on Estimates and Change Orders
  • Live Cost Database Makes Estimating Accurate, Profitable, and Easy to Update Costs
  • Notifications when Prospects view our Estimates
What are cost database abilities?

Our cost database integration gives you the ability to see updated prices of cost line items in your local area. No more calling around to find prices! Projul also provides you with the capability to update all of your estimate template costs with the click of a button, saving you hundreds of hours instantly and ensuring that your jobs will always be profitable! If you would like to learn more about our integrated cost database abilities click here.