Hey there, concrete contractors! If you’re in the concrete business, you know how vital it is to stay organized and efficient. After all, the right tools can prevent cracks in the foundation of your business. And guess what? Concrete contractor software is like having a tailor-made toolbelt that can help your business thrive! In this post, we’ll share five ways that software can transform your concrete business into a rock-solid empire. Let’s dive in!

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1. Build on a solid foundation with concrete estimating software

We all know that accurate and efficient estimates are the lifeblood of any concrete contractor. With software like Projul, creating estimates for each project is a breeze. Say goodbye to long, complicated calculations and hello to user-friendly tools that help you quickly create detailed estimates and simplify them for your customers. Plus, you can save time by copying data from previous jobs and get those estimates to your customers ASAP. Bottom line: Projul saves you time and keeps your customers happy. Win-win!

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2. Smooth scheduling for a smooth concrete finish

Juggling multiple jobs can be overwhelming, but concrete scheduling software can turn that chaos into order. Take Projul, for example – this construction-specific platform helps you streamline job scheduling, project tracking, and even time tracking for your team. Communication with customers becomes a breeze, as you can effortlessly update them on their project progress. And with quick invoice and estimate generation, your finances stay in tip-top shape. So why not let software like Projul do the heavy lifting for you?

3. Keep your customers on the same slab

The secret to great customer service in the concrete industry? Concrete management software like Projul, of course! Store all your customer info in one place, import key documents, and let the customer portal feature keep your clients in the loop with scheduling updates and project progress. Your customers stay satisfied, and you maintain strong relationships. It’s a no-brainer, really!

4. Financial Tracking is easier than flatwork

Staying on top of your concrete business’s finances is crucial for maximizing profits. Job costing, budgeting, and progress billing can be daunting tasks, but fear not! The National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA) offers resources to help you navigate the financial jungle. And with specialized software for job management and finance tracking, you can automate those pesky tasks like invoicing and billing, freeing up more time for your projects. Plus, you’ll gain valuable insights to spot potential problems before they escalate. You can learn more about the financial tracking abilities of Projul here. 

5. Marketing Mastery

To outshine your competition, you’ve got to nail your marketing game. With concrete contractor software like Projul, you can track and analyze lead sources, conversion rates, and project types, helping you optimize your budget and boost your marketing impact. Don’t forget to explore other online tools and services like Angi’s List, Google Ads, and Build Book, all designed to give your construction marketing a serious upgrade. Combine these with your software, and you’ll have a powerful recipe for attracting your target audience and winning more customers.

Start Building a Rock-Solid Business with Concrete Contractor Software

To sum it all up, concrete contractors who embrace software can quickly leave their competition in the dust. Your business will soar, and your profits will skyrocket. And when it comes to top-notch concrete contractor software, Projul is where it’s at. Discover more about Projul here and see how software can elevate your success today! Cheers to building a rock-solid business, my friends!

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Concrete Contractor Software: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start an effective concrete contractor business?
  1. Have a detailed business plan in place.
  2. Adopt concrete contractor software.
  3. Set a target profit margin and use concrete estimating software to help stick to those numbers.
  4. Use concrete management software to make sure your team is on the same page.
  5. Scale with effective project management.
  6. Learn how to effectively manage subcontractors.
Is the concrete industry growing?

According to IBIS the market for concrete contractors amassed 76 billion dollars this past year. It is imperative to carve our a market in the industry by separating yourself from the competition. You can do this with effective project management, using concrete contractor software, and ensuring your concrete jobs are profitable.

What features should you look for in a concrete software?
  1. Concrete estimating software
  2. Scheduling features
  3. Lead management
  4. Project management
  5. The ability to track time
  6. User friendly
  7. The ability to accept payments and sync with accounting software
  8. Unlimited support

So much more. Find out more about how Projul works for concrete contractors here!

What makes concrete contractors successful?

Concrete contractors who use software to run their concrete business can quickly separate themselves from the competition. While there is no substitute for quality work, and top of the line customer service, software can help take things to the next level. Some of the ways concrete software does this is by:

  1. Keep your entire team on the same page (eliminate endless phone calls and save time communicating)
  2. Allows you to manage any job site from any location (get daily reports from your field team while still being in the office)
  3. Software for concrete helps you scale effectively
  4. Organizing new leads
  5. Creating custom quotes faster than the competition
  6. Documented and templated change orders
  7. Easily putting a process in place to complete more work in less time.
  8. Helping a concrete contractor manage the schedule of multiple teams